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Help - No period since giving birth!!

Hi all, really need some advice. After my first child, I had a period within about 4 weeks. I gave birth to second daughter almost 13 weeks ago, but no sign of a period. Have taken two pregnancy tests, but both neg. Would just like reassurance that this is normal.
Thanks in advance, Kas xx


  • Hi Kas,

    If you are breastfeeding I think that its normal, mine returned after about 9 months (2.5 months after I stopped BF) so enjoy it!!! If you are worried then speak to someone and get checked out, I did but they all reassured me it was ok.
  • Hi, thanks for replying. im not breastfeeding, im bottle feeding. ive spoken to nurse and doc and they justkeep saying to take preg test. Dont want to go back, just to be told that again.
    Kas x
  • Thanks for the advice Grace, I think I will go back. Im not on any contraception yet! Ive been given the pill but was told not to take it until the first day of my period (which of course I haven't had).Thats why Im concerened.How frustrating!!
    Kas x
  • Hi Grace, am going to try and get there this week at some point. Just need to get mother in law to have the girls so I can go and talk to the doc in peace. Have been having cramps and twinges all week, but nothings happening, so just want to find out whats going on inside my body. Thanks for asking, and will let you know asa soon as Ive been. And dont worry, Ive taken your advice and I wont let them fob me off with "go and take a preg test".
    Hope you are havin good wkend.
    Speak next week sometime.
    Kas xx
  • hi gracey,
    well, some good news (i hope). went to docs 2day, and hurray, he took me seriously. Hes given me a sample pot to wee into in the morning. they will then do a sensitive preg test and should have results wed. if negative, i can start my pill wed, then things should regulate themselves again. fingers crossed. will speak to you wed hopefully with good news. not that i dont want another baby, just not right now. does that sound horrible?
    Anyway, hope your ok. we had bad weather too. im going to see my family in ireland next week. hope the weather picks up, want to show the girls some nice beaches.
    take care and speak soon xxx
  • Hi Gracey, it wouldnt be the end of the world if i was preg, but as Tara is only 14weeks old, want to give her the attention and time i gave Niamh. Saying that, it would be loved just as much as the two girls.we'll just have to wait and see.
    Anyway, my family are all over Ireland, but Dad and brothers are currently living in a little town called Ferns in Co Wexford, (mam passed away 4yrs ago this Nov).
    hope you're well.
    If I dont hear from you before, I'll send you mesage Wed.
    Speak soon, Kas xxx
  • hi gracey,
    just got off phone to docs. Result was NEGATIVE!!! I can relax again. Thank you so much for just being there to chat to. Husbands great, but sometimes you just need a female to chat to. All my friends have problems of their own at the mo.
    Hope alls ok with you. Hows your family getting on?
    Take care and hope we can stay in touch
    luv kas xx
  • Hi Grace,
    that would be great.would love to keep in touch.will send you mine also. Nothig planned for today, its pouring with rain (again). Whats the weather like with you? I dont know what to pack for the girls, one minute they're in shorts and t shirts, the next, jeans and jumpers.
    Anyway, speak soon,
    Kas xx
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