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New 4 legged addition to the family!

Hi All,

New labrador puppy arrives with us in 6 days, anyone got a puppy and a two 1/2 year old toddler? Any ideas on what I can expect from the both of them together? We have read a decent puppy training book and explained to our son that a puppy is coming to live with us etc but would be good to know a little bit about what to expect?

Love Jd_mummy x


  • Hi jd-mummy

    We looked after my mums puppy for a while and riley was just over 2yrs at the time,he thought it was great and always loved to play with her but i dont think its just him,its the puppys reaction to.
    Puppys usually like thinks of the same size,not to threatened then and with your son still being small they should get on just fine.
    I found it helped him understand to help make her dinner and put down the water and he always gave her a kiss nite nite.
    Good luck and let me no how you go.It be fine im sure
    Emma xx
  • Hi Emma,

    Thats the sort of reaction I was hoping for so fingers crossed thats how it goes , he is very excited so hopefully he will want to join in all the things like feeding etc

    Will keep you posted

    Thanks Love jd_mummy xx
  • Well our new 4 legged friend moves in tommorow and now we are all so excited I don't think any of us will get any sleep tonight, or for a few nights after that once he gets here , will post again on how it's going, wish us luck !!

    Jd_mummy xx
  • Well Guiness, thats what weve named him, our new black lab puppy came home yesterday and OH MY GOD don't we know it!!!

    He was cool with Jd our 2 yr old in fact they love each other which is fantastic but I really don't know how Us and Jd are going to cope with the lack of sleep, Guiness woke up at 2AM and that was him for most of the night!! Poor Jd did'nt know whether he was coming or going the poor boy just wanted to sleep but all he could hear was Guiness yelping.... Please let tonite be better....

    On a better note, he is adorable in daylight hours and Jd is chuffed to bits to have a playmate all of his own

    Love Jd_mummy xxx
  • Guiness has now been with us for just over 2 months, I absolutely love him to bits...

    For the first 3 weeks ish I thought we had made a huge mistake, it was hard work with lots of accidents around the house and a very jealous 2 yr old but now it's like he's always been here.

    Jd loves him to bits and vice versa and it really is lovely to have a doting doggy that never judges you or complains if you're grumpy or does anything except be really chuffed to see you all the time!!

    So in all honesty since my last posts re Guiness it was a fab idea for us to get a puppy and if you can get through the first few weeks I would def recommend it...

    Love jd_mummy xx
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