Hurray, she rolled over.

Hi all,
Im really pleased, Tara rolled over for the first time today.
I know its nothing major but am so pleased, just wanted to share it. Its like their first step to being mobile isnt it?
Anyone elses child just done something for the first time lately?
Hope everyone is well.
Speak soon
Kas xx


  • Hi Kas,

    That's great. It isn't favouritism but you will probably remember it for a long time. I remember when Charlotte took her first step. It was Bank Holiday Monday in May (Whit week) And I went outside and shouted " she's done it, she took her first step!" The neighbours probably think I'm mad but I don't care. And I have to admit I know roughly when Jack started to walk but I can't pin it down to a day.

    Just you wait she will be rolling from one side of the room to the other in a split second in no time. You now need to find those eyes in the back of your head!!

    Good luck.

    Zoe x
  • Hi Kas
    I get so excited whenever Cameron does something new, i just think it's amazing how they learn so much in such a short space of time!!
    He started rolling from tummy to back a couple of weeks ago, but he hasn't done it since, instead he's trying to master the art of crawling.
    Take care
    Dawn x
  • That's great Kas!! We got one of ambets first rolls on video and i keep watching it!! Amber crawled backwards for the first time yesterday scary to think how quick she'll be getting about everywhere. Time to move breakable things again i think!!
  • I love all the milestones, it's so exciting.
    Jessica has started to pull herself up at the furniture and in her cot and i am so happy!

  • Hi Kas
    well done to you r little one. The firsts are magical i remember my two little ones well
  • Thanks for all the replies guys.
    Didnt think Id get that many. Its amazing how parents love every single their child does.
    Hope you are all ok.
    Take care
    Kas xx
  • Just got to tell you! Ambers been sitting up for a week or so but today she did her best ever and was a couple of minutes before she toppled over! However she then discovered she could lean forwards and get herself into the crawling position from sitting up!! Am so proud!! She's not yet crawling but rocks forward and backwards so don't think it will be long. It's all very exciting though!!
  • Well done Amber! Won't be long now!
  • awwww thats great


    i really love the first milestones

  • SHE CRAWLED!!!!!! Well she moved her legs forward once followed by her hands then fell flat but i think that counts!! And she now does that regularly but still falls flat on her face i think the problem is that we have wooden floors but she found it easier on my Sil's carpets.
    She's also sitting completely on her own now and doesn't even need a cushion behind her, it's amazing how they can develop in a weekend, i'm so excited!!
  • Well done Amber!!!!
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