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Christmas pressie idea?

Hi everyone,

Last year about this time I racked my brains for a xmas pressie for my husband as every so often we try buy to each other something really different, anyway I found out about an artist (he had an advert in a baby magazine) who hand paints canvas' via the internet, I had a look at his stuff and emailed him some pics of my son.

He sent me lots of ideas on designs for the canvas and now uses the one of my little boy that he did for us as advertising for his work, go to his website, look at the galleries section, friends and family and Joseph is top row in the middle!!

My husband absolutly loved it and the fact the it is hand painted rather than a print makes it look even more unique.

Anyway I hope you like it, I'm very proud seeing my little geezer on a cool website and his canvas looks great on our lounge wall xx

Love jd_mummy xxx

ps If anyone has any other different ideas for xmas pressies i would love to know, i like being able to get something a bit different for my family and friends at xmas time


  • Hi Boo,

    I know it's a shame they are quite pricey but as you say maybe you could get together with your family to get one

  • Hi Boo,

    I'm with you on that, Charl likes Fifi and the Flowertots and Peppa pig, I can cope with them.
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