My mum upset my son, should I say something?

Hi all,

I'm sorry, i've got to get this off my chest.

We visited my parents on Sunday morning to take them some shopping as they are without transport at the moment. The kids love going and had a great time, but when we were leaving some of their neighbours came out and started talking to them. I shouted goodbye and we were ignored. Me and my husband are used to that as my mum's in her own world most of the time but Jack was really upset asking why she didn't wave goodbye at him had he been naughty. By the time I got home I was really anoyed with her but refrained from calling her up. The thing is she doesn't realise she does these things so it could happen again, do you think I should try and approach the subject?

What would you do. Zoe x


  • You could just mention it next time you go over and are ready to leave.
    Perhaps say "mum make sure you wave goodbye to jack as he loves it when you wave"
    That should make her chuffed so that she wont forget to wave in future.
    If she is anything like my mum, if you have a moan at her about it she get huffy and there will be an atmosphere.
    Too close to christmas for that.
  • I agree with Lucyanne, don't moan for what happened but ask her to do it in the future. My dad's very much in his own world although he's a lovely person and would never mean to upset Ethan, he comes over and gets into a conversation with my hubby and ignores ethan tugging at his legs! I just say something there and then usually like ' your grandsons after your attention' and he's soon playing with ethan! x
  • I've really been thinking about this since I got it off my chest. Thanks for the replies, I think i'll just say something like, "Don't forget to wave to the kids!" When we leave next. I'll probably get a return comment of " As if we'd forget to do that". But hey ho!

    Zoe x
  • Think thats best,Zoe.
    Dont want to upset the apple cart!!
    Just bite your tongue if you get the comment you are expecting.
  • I'm used to that, If I couldn't bite my tongue we'd have fallen out years ago! You can't choose your family.
  • Same here.
    My mum feels she is able to say whatever she wants to me even if it upsets me but I cant say anything to her in that way.
    I dont say half the things I want to for fear of upsetting her.
    She can say some very hurtful things then tell me she's "only joking,and I should have known that"
    Like you ,if I didnt bite my tongue we would have fallen out a long time ago too.
  • My gosh boo i can't believe that. My parents and in laws squabble over who sees the kids most and are always trying to look after them i'm very lucky. I do have to bite my tongue though as they all try to offer advice or tell me i'm doing things wrong!
    Each time i've had a baby my mum in law and i have fallen out over difference of opinion but always make up and get on great when the babys about a month old!!
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