been to the gym

well i'm bloody worn out lol
i used to train 4 days per week but since my hubby went away and i fell pregnant i stopped, so today for the 1st day i've been back at it, and it's hard work, i feel so week again.
got some pork in the oven to go with a salad, need to shift a stone of weight to look sort of normal.


  • Hi Kirsty,

    That brings back memories. I used to be quite active playing netball several times a week before i had Jack. One day i thought i ought to something so i did a fitness video whilst Jack was asleep one day. I felt fine and thought i'd done ok until i woke up the next morning!! I ached in places i'd never felt before!!
  • Good on you!
    Have never been to a gym in my life. Have lost all my baby weight but was not happy with my weight before i was pregnant, so will have to go walking lots!
  • Well done you!
    I could really do to shift some weight, i just love chocolate soooooo much!!!!!
    Thinking about joining weightwatchers again, i used to go before i had Cameron and i'd lost 1 1/2 stone(unfortunately i've put that and a whole lot more back on)
  • think we kind of feel under preseure to lose it quicker i know i do.
    i was readin pp and the women in it had lost all there weight dead quick, even the ones that had put on 4.5 stone, it total made me feel like poo.
  • i'm not sure if i've lost all my baby weight and to be honest i don't really care!! I probably should but like Dawn i'm a HUGE choccie fan! I'm a 12-14 which i think's fine but i have an identical twin sister who's a size 10-12 which makes it more obvious!
  • I did aqua aerobics before i had Cameron and i really enjoyed it, i just can't seem to motivate myself to get my backside down to the pool. We haven't even taken Cameron swimming yet because i can't bear the thought of putting a swimming costume on!!!
  • id love to do aqua aeorbics but our pool is shud for the next year due to refurbishments
  • I've just realised why i've recently been getting confused between Dawn and Boo have you noticed how similar the pictures of your boys are?!
  • I know when John saw Ethan's pic he thought it was Cameron!!
  • Now you say it, they are very alike.
    You're right though, baldy babies are alike (but very cute), both my girls were baldies (and blue eyed). Niamh now has beautiful blonde curls. Tara still has no hair.
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