chat tonight.?

hi all, ive got to go and get some shopping now, but hope you'll be on later, could do with a good chat tonight. ants working till 9.15, and heroes is on which he'll be watching (i missed the first couple of episodes, so i'll catch it on dvd), so i should get some decent computer time.
speak later.
kas xx


  • Oh no i'm gutted! Going out with the girls for a rare evening out! I think the only reason gillans happy about me going is that he gets the computer to himself so i don't think i'll even be able to sneak on before and after! Have a great evening though chat soon xx
  • I'm banned from the computer tonight.
    John's going away early tomorrow so he's got to have an early night(downside to having computer in bedroom).
    Have a good time with the girls tonight Tasha!!
    Catch up tomorrow
    Dawn xx
  • Hi Kas,

    I'll be on once the kids are sorted. James is out tonight so catch you later.

    Zoe x
  • Ohh hubby's just rung and said he's taking kids over to his parents after work and i'm not going out until 8ish so will be about to chat whilst straightening hair!!!

    By the way Boo, i love the glitzy bits!! xx
  • Just popping off to bath Charlotte so back later. x
  • Oh wow my house is SO quiet no kids and no hubby it's heaven!!
    Hairs straight already and i was able to leave them within reach without worrying - it's very exciting!!
  • I think they look fab! Oh and baldy babies are very cute! mine have always been very hairy! Poor Amber was born with hair all down her back and face and VERY hairy arms luckily it went in a few weeks! x
  • lol. Im sure hairy babies are just as cute. I mean, just look at that piccie. What a cutie!!
    Kas xx

    P.s Have a fab nite
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