My daughter lost her favourite Bear

When Katelin was born a friend bought her an M&S gift set and in it was a little pink bear which she addopted as her favourite thing.
She somehow managed to drop him at school today even though I clipped it to her buggy straps with a soother saver.
We have retraced our steps , asked at reception if he had been handed in at both schools and asked people we passed if they had seen it. No luck.
She sleeps with him every night and he is what she wants if she is poorly or has hurt herself and when she's tired she picks him up.
I feel like crying.
I dont know if she will sleep without him as we have never tried.
She loved that bear and she is already asking for him.
I know I wont be able to replace him as I have already tried writing to M&S and they told me he is discontinued.
( I had tried to prepare for this)
I could kick myself for not seeing him fall.


  • I'm afraid i don't know the details but i'm sure there's some sort of register for lost toys it might be worth looking it up on the internet. Sorry i can't help more xx
  • I know how you feel as that's my worst nightmare. Jack has two monkey's that he's very attached to still and Charl has a scruffy dog we've named scruff that she clings onto. Scruff is falling apart near enough, we really don't know what we'll do if anything happens to it before the novelty wears off. Has she a few toys she can choose from to find a new favourite? If not it maybe a trip to the shops to let her choose a new one. I hope tonight is not too bad.

    Zoe x
  • I have bought 3 similar bears from Babies r us,M&S and mothercare but she dos'nt love them.
    Its my worst nightmare.
    Daniel has managed to keep his fav cuddley toy for 9 years.
    Aarons comforter is a blanket which we have 3 of.
    Daniels even came back from North Wales in a jiffy bag when we left it in a hotel when he was a baby.
    I have an image in my head of some kids getting hold of'bear' and pulling him limb from limb.
    Its torture.
    Dont know what to do at bed time.
    She is too young to explain that he has gone and to bribe her with something else.
  • My friend did that for me as I can only do online shopping and chat. But we had no luck.
  • Just an idea, but do you have any of your old bears or even something more recent which she could 'choose' to take to bed tonight, just to buy more time in the hope bear turns up. She may like the novelty of taking mummys bear to bed.
  • Thats a lovely idea,Tasha but no, I dont have any.
    I guess I'm in for an interesting night tonight.
  • Hi lucyanne,
    Poor Katelin.
    How did bedtime go tonight? Im afraid I cant suggest anything that someone else hasn't already suggested.
    Kas xx
  • I spent all evening sewing silky labels (that I cut off her bibs) onto 2 other bears that she has but she still did'nt want them. She kept looking for 'Bear'.
    When I took her up to bed( slightly later so she was really tired) she still did'nt want the 2 that I'd doctored, instead she just cuddled a squashy horse that we got in M&P. So if he proves to be her new favourite I'm going to buy a couple.
    It sounds silly, but I actually cried as I know how much she loved him.
    You never know, one of Aarons friends mums may have found him and bring him to school tomorrow.
    If only!
  • aw no, i remmeber when charlie lost his tweety pie on asda in london, we couldn't find that to. all hell broke lose but in the end he start to love silvester instead.
  • You feel upset for them dont you( and the toys, after toy story!!!)
    I'm hoping Katelin will learn to love one of her others
  • Are you from London then?
    I used to live there. WC1 area
  • who me? i was just visiting a friend down there at the time.
  • Oh I just assumed you were from London,sorry!
    Was going to get a bit nostalgic
  • where are you now? did you end up moving far?
  • I'm in Hampshire now.
    I met my husband While on a girly holiday in Tenerife.
    He was from Hampshire.
    After 4 years together we bought a house.
    I transfered with my job.
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