Hi Dawn aswell

Hi Dawn, just seen you are on too.
Having a nice evening?
Kas xx


  • Hi Kas
    I'm just popping backwards and forwards between here and the car club website so i can keep and eye on John(make sure he's keeping the car on the road)!!
    I've got loads to do downstairs, i just can't tear myself away from here!!
  • How can you keep an eye on John?
    Dont worry bout the housework!! It'll keep.
  • The car club puts the results on their website at the end of every stage. I just need to go on there and if i see his name i know he's come through the stage and i can stop worrying (for 5 mins)!!!
    I really should go and make some more bottles for Cameron because he's only got one left, but i know i'll be up until the early hours anyway so i'll go and do it in a wee while.
  • Thats cool, at least you know he's ok. What a clever idea.
    Wr're talking on 2 posts now, Im getting confused!
  • Me too!!
    Although these days it doesn't take much to muddle me!!
  • I know that feeling. I'll just carruy on chating on the other post. See you there
  • Hi Dawn,
    How are you coping?
    Not long now till he's home with you and Cameron.
    Hang in there.
    Take care
  • Hiya Lucyanne
    I'm fine thanks, trying to keep busy.
    I miss him when he's away and then when he comes home i complain that he's being a pain!! I just can't win!
  • hi Dawn saw your on line. How's your morning been?! xx
  • We've had an ok morning, how about you?
    Just getting organised to head over to my sisters, but i'll be back on here once Camerons away to bed.

    Chat later
    Dawn xx
  • Glad you've had an ok morning ours has been peaceful without Ethan! Apparently he's had a lovely morning, been taken to a farm and MacDonalds and he had cake and biscuit for breakfast!!
    I've just been to an nct sale got some lovely next outfits for Amber. They're fab sales if you're pregnant as you can buy everything you need. Unfortunatly Gillan chose to come with which obviously meant i couldn't mooch!
    I might not be online later as we're going to collect Ethan and cheekily staying for dinner!!!
    Have a great afternoon, hope to chat later xx
  • Hi Girls
    Just to let you all know John's unfortunately had to pull out of the rally due to a mechanical problem(he did explain what was wrong but i stopped listening because i didn't have a clue what he was on about)!!!
    It's a real shame because he was doing so well, however i might finally have a decent nights sleep!!

    Thankyou all for putting up with me and cheering me up!!!

    Dawn xxx
  • Oh what a shame but at least you know he's safe. when's he coming home? Hope you and Cameron have had a lovely day xx
  • He'll be home Monday lunchtime.
    We've had a great day thanks, it was really nice to get a bit of a break and hand Cameron over to somebody else for half an hour. My nieces are really good with him so he gets loads of attention!!
  • Hi Dawn, sorry had to go and leave you last night. Hope you had a nice day at the party.
    Sorry to hear Johns had to pull out, but at least you'll be able to chill out tonight.
    Hope you are having a nice evening.
    Take care
    Kas xx
  • Hi Kas and Boo
    He's not too disappointed, they were going to go and do some spectating and then head to the pub.
    I must admit i am quite relieved, trying very hard to resist wine!
    What have you girls been up to today?

    P.S Thanks for letting me waffle on last night Kas, it really helped to take my mind of things!!
  • Hey, no worries Dawn. I was just saying to Tasha what a great site this is. It really helps me to unwind and talk about anything, its fab. It cheers me up no end!!
    Dont resist the wine, if Johns off to the pub, you can do the next best thing.
    Kas xx
  • Hiya Boo
    No he's not back until lunchtime tomorrow. I did think he might come home a bit early, but he's obviously enjoying being away with 'the boys'!!
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