Please Mum?

Can you buy me a doll mum
can you buy me a dress,
can you buy me some paints mum
so I can make a mess!

Can you make some cakes mum
can you make me a mask,
can you make me a cubby mum
you know it's not much that I ask!

Can we go to the park mum
can we go out to eat,
can we go to Kentucky mum
it's about time we had a treat!

Can I have an apple mum
can I have a toffee,
can I have a bath now mum
you don't really want that coffee!

You can have your coffee mum
you can have your cup of tea,
you can have a break now mum
but please please untie me!


  • love it, just read it out to ant, and he laughed. oh how true. I think I had nearly all those questions (just today)
    Kas xx
  • That's brilliant! Along the same lines i really think you should look at this!!
    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=RxT5NwQUtVM We love it in our house and Ethan now claps along!!
  • Tasha
    That's hilarious!!!
  • Glad it made you laugh, Just think that will be you in 10 years time!!

    Ethans already renacting something very close to Simones poem!! xx
  • Tasha,
    thats brilliant.
    And I sound just like her most days.
    Am going to send it on to my friend who has 4 children and lives in a mad house.
    She'll think its her too!!!!
    Thanks for that!
  • Hi there, this is ant kas' hubby, that song was class, so true, niamh was also clapping along at end, it definitely deserved the standing-ovation
    see ya all
  • I love it. It's put a smile on my face this evening. With 40 mins of driving left all we got off Jack was "How many corners til we are home?" They are both in bed now thank goodness!
  • Hiya Zoe
    Did you have a good weekend away, you missed a marathon chat last night!!
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