reusable nappies.

Hi all,
I was just wondering if anyone else uses reusable nappies?
We bought some when Niamh was born, and they are such a great idea, but we just havn't used them as much as we had hoped.
We made a pact to use them more with Tara, and have done, but still not as much as Id like to. I tend not to use them when we go out for the day (just for convenience), but also, I find that her clothes fit differently, so if I get an outfit out that wont fit with the nappies, I wont use the nappy.
I know Im sounding really lazy, and I will try harder, but I just wanted other people views on them.
I know of quite a few people who have tried them, but only one of my friends actually uses them ALL the time.
Look forward to hearing from you all on this one.
Kas xx


  • Hi Kas
    I am using a combination of reusable and disposable nappies. I dislike the idea of filling landfills with nappies so chose tots bots bamboozles. They are fantastic! I use those around the house and use disposables whilst out and about. I found that reusables are not suitable for newborns as their poo is too runny.
    You need to change reusables more often than disposables but I find them easy to use and my daughter appears to like wearing the washables as they are soft and comfy. They are easy to wash and dry. You just need to be organised to keep them washed and ready to use!
    Having said all that, I guess they are not everyones cup of tea!!!!

    Sorry for waffling but I hope this helps!!
  • Yea, well done Caroline.
    It sounds like you use them like me (around the house). I will try perservering with them.
    I use the onelife nappies. They are fab.
    Kas xx
  • I subscribed to PP to get the Cotton Bottoms set free, however they ran out! I was gutted as I wanted to try them, and they would have been a great back up set! I got 2 sippy cups, a bath toy and portable pottette instead!
    I wasn't sure about the bambino mio as they needed folding. The ones I am using are just like disposables! They are so easy to use, soft and wash really well. I am using disposables at night at the minute as they can be left on longer than reusables and Bronwyn is sleeping for longer during the night. Just got a load in the wash ready for tomorrow, they'll go in the dryer overnight!
  • Hi Caroline, which are you using? My friend uses the bambino mio and loves them, but like you, I couldnt be bothered ith all the parts and folding. Thats why I like the one life ones. Ive been very good actually, getting my act together (although wont be using them much this week as on hols Friday), so we use disposables when we're away. In fact they are in the machine at the moment.
  • I am using Tots Bots Bamboozles. Using Boots liners at the minute but going to buy a different brand and try them so that I can compare. I also use disposables when i'm away. Although I am taking my washables to my mums at the weekend as she is happy for me to wash them at hers.
    I was feeling lazy last week and used a lot of disposables and was gobsmacked by how much waste I produced. I hate the fact that disposables end up in landfill sites and seeing the bags full of nappies has made me determined not to be so lazy!
  • I know, I agree with you.
    Thanks for the replies.
    Hope Bronwyn is doing well. Oh and good luck with the check up tomorrow.
    Kas xx
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