I'm back!

Hiya girls,

Thanks for the messages, we had a fab weekend. The weather was kind to us, the racing was good and the kids behaved what more could we have asked for.

There was racing on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon and it was really great. I don't know if any of you know much about stock car racing so forgive me if you do. You are allowed to go into the pit area and meet and talk to the drivers. Jack loves this and likes to have his photo took with the drivers and their cars. He recognises them and shouts their names they see him and wave back, some will come over and chat to him, his little face lights up it's so lovely. He has a couple of favourite drivers, one of them is Frankie Wainman JNR. He always has to go and see him a few times during a meeting so Frankie is starting to recognise us around his car. On Sunday he won a few trophies and gave one of them to Jack. He asked him to look after it for him as he had no room, I have never seen Jack smile so much for so long. He said with amazement " Thanks Frankie". It absoloutely made the weekend. They are all so approachable and friendly you don't get that sort of contact with many sports so i'm glad Jack's into this. It took us ages to get him to put the trophy down, if we'd of let him he would of took it to bed with him I think!!

I couldn't believe how many posts i had to read when i got back! You were all very busy and sound like you were having a great time.

Hope you all have a good week.

Take care, Zoe x


  • I can just imagine Jacks little face beeming.
    Do they do 'show and tell' at Jacks school? Be great for him to show all his school buddies.
    Sounds like thats what Jack's going to want to do when he grows up.
    And you can be the proud mummy in the pit!
  • Glad you're weekend was so good and it certainly sounds like something Jack won't forget in a hurry!! What a nice thing for Frankie to do and he probably doesnt realise how much it meant to Jack! Look forward to catching up soon take care xx
  • Hi,
    Glad you had a nice time and the kids were good too.
    What a lovely thing for frankie to do, i bet Jack was soooo happy!
    Chat soon

    Simone x
  • Hi girls,

    Thanks for all the replies.

    They will start doing show and tell after Christmas so he's wanting to take it then. All the drivers are nice but yes Frankie is very approachable and he doesn't have to give away his trophies but he sees the look on their faces and I think that's probably why he does it.

    I was told today that Jack was telling everyone about it. Bless him half of them wouldn't have a clue what he was going on about!!

    Chat soon, Zoe x
  • Welcome back Zoe,
    Sounds like you had a great time. Sounds exciting.
    That will be one trip Jack will remember for years to come.
    Speak soon
    Kas xx
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