i swear -

ppl on another site i use are trying to pee me off!

they're gloating on eating wispas when i havent even seen on yet and no one is saying where they bough one from!

all i flipping want is one shop name lol


sobs i want a wispa!



  • I saw some in Superdrug today.
  • I thought they went out with the Ark! Not seen one for years!!!!!!!
    I quite fancy one now everyone is talkin about chocolate. I have finally got my taste for choc back after going off it whilst pregnant!!!!! Managed to eat a whole box of celebrations in 4 days which isn't bad considering the smell of choc turned my stomach 6 weeks ago!!!!
  • Hi Caroline,

    It was in the paper the other day that they were bringing them back. I must admit i used to love them, just a bit dubious as to whether they will taste as i remember!!
  • Look i just found this on ebay!!
    http://search.ebay.co.uk/search/search.dll?from=R40&_trksid=m37&satitle=wispas If you scroll down the link they sell individual bars for 60p (but with 70p postage it's an expensive treat)!
    I hate to say it but our local newsagents sell them because the owner is crazy about them so i have them regularly (don't shout at me)!! How about asking your local shop if they could stock them?
    Just to warn you all they're apparently only on sale for a limited time arghhh!
  • Hi Claire,
    I know that Marks and Spencers are doing them, and Waitrose.
    Hope you find one soon
    Kas xx
  • You should stock up on them now Boo, then when Feb comes round you can have a choc feast!!!
  • omg ladies u r all lifesavers!

    so tomorrow when im at the beach i can search the shops there i can eat one! finally

    x x x x xwill let u all know if i love it as much as i did!
  • Hi Claire,

    Have you found one yet and was it as nice as you remember it to be?
  • Hi Claire,
    so did you find one?

    Kas xx
  • i forgot to look! but im at work tomorrow,

    so will go to town after work! and finally taste that yummy yummy chocolate pmsl!
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