Big Baby!!

Hi Girls
Just had Bronwyn weighed, she is 5 weeks old today and weighs ..........13lb 15oz!!!! She's above the 99.6th centile!!!! I think its time to swap clothes to the bigger size. I have been trying to get as much wear out of 0-3 as possible!!!! Time for 3-6 me thinks.


  • Wow! I take it Bronwyn likes her milk Caroline? That's good though at least you've not got them telling you she's not putting on weight and they want to monitor her.

    Enjoy the shopping spree, there are some lovely winter clothes out there at the moment for girls.

    Take care, Zoe x
  • She certainly does like her milk!!!!
    I have no need to go shopping as most people bought 3-6 clothes as they knew we were expecting a 10lb baby. I have a box full of clothes, plus my best mate as a 3 year old girl and put all her clothes away in the loft on the off chance that she had another baby. Her hubby is happy at 2 kids so I have 9 months of baby clothes sitting in my spare room! They just need sorting out!
  • Wow that's impressive nothing wrong with a big baby!!

    Ambers on the 99.6 centile too i had her weighed yesterday and she's 22lb!! Saying that she's only put on 7oz in 3 weeks and i think her weights calming down because she can't eat and is suddenly mobile.

    Ethan was quite a chubby baby too but as soon as he was walking it all went and he's quite petite now!
    Has Bronwyn got the gorgeous creases down her legs yet?!
  • Hi Tasha,
    She sure has little creases in her legs! My mum says it looks like she's got elastic bands around her legs!

    I have just been organising all the 3-6 clothes whilst she naps! I had forgotten what gorgeous clothes she was bought. I will look scruffy next to her!!!!

    How are your 2 doing??
  • Hi Caroline,

    Your glitter flashed up while i was reading a post, it looks great.

    Even though you've not had to go shopping, it is still lovely going through the clothes and sorting through them. I don't get that any more as most people buy my two toys and books so we get most of the clothes. I bet you are already planning what you are putting her for the next week!

    Take care, Zoe x
  • Hi,
    I gave up getting Jess weighed as they kept telling me i had to watch her weight! She's on the 75th centile
  • Cameron's steadily following the 25th centile, i had him weighed last month and he was 16lb 7oz. He eats like a horse but he just doesn't seem to put on a huge amount of weight. The hv seems quite happy(for the moment)!!!!
  • nicole's big now, she wasn't big born and she's breast fed so quite suprised at her weight now (22lbs at 38 weeks) she was 7lb 6oz born.
    were your babys big born?
  • Yes! Bronwyn was 11lb 12.5oz!!!!! I was told to expect a 12lb 10oz baby after a scan the day after my waters broke so I had to ring my mum from the hospital and ask her to visit a supermarket on the way and pick up bigger vests and babygrows!!!!!! I knew I was expecting a bigger baby but thought about 10lb!!!!!! Needless to say, none of the clothes we took suitable for a newborn fitted her!
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