Feeding cups!

I brought Jess the tommy tippy cup and it is really hard to get anything to come out! you almost have to bite it to get the drink out!
Can anyone suggest a good sippy cup.



  • is it the one that doesnt have a valve?
    I found the tommy tippee cup without a valve good when they are little, but the ones with valves better when they are oldr, like Jessica.
    We use the anyway up cup with Niamh.
    The problem is, there are so many on the market at the moment, I think we tried them all with Niamh before we found a good one.
    Kas xx
  • I think it has got a valve, i tried it and found it hard work, so i will have to get her another one!
    The cups without valves tend to leak don't they!
  • the tommy tippee one without a valve has a flip down lid, so it wont leak if turned upside down (well, it will if the lids up).

    like boo says, the one with valves are def better for toddlers, but jessicas practicaly a toddler now.

    is jessica walking yet?
  • Of to tesco again then!
    She walks around the furniture and with her walker and can stand without holding on, but has not manage it unaided yet!
  • She's doing well. She'll soon be flying round the place.
  • I know you shouln't wish there lives away, but i can't wait for her to be walking.
  • Tell me about it. With Niamh, I was so excited I couldnt wait for her to reach every single milestone, but with Tara, suddenly, she's reaching them and I dont know where the times gone. Its amazing isnt it?
    Dont you just love being a mummy? Its the best job ever.
  • I din't think i could ever love someone this much!
    Its the hardest but most rewarding thing i have ever done and she brightens up every day!

    Od dear im getting slushy!
  • Its ok, Im sure we're all the same.
    And we haven't even been drinking.
  • I don't know about any of you but when i was pregnant with Amber i was really worried about everything! That i wouldn't love her as much as ethan or that i'd love her more!! In the end of course i completely adored her and when ethan came to meet his sister, my heart could of burst i loved him more than ever!! now who's getting slushy?!
  • Oh, Tasha, i totally agree. I had the exact same experience.
    It must be a mummy thing
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