Parent and baby parking spaces

Is it only me that has trouble finding a parent and baby parking space? Yesterday I visited 2, yes 2 supermarkets and had to park in normal spaces away from the shop and hope that no-one parked next to me! To add insult to injury there were disabled people parked in our spaces yet there were disabled spaces empty! There were also couples in sports cars and white van men using the parents spaces!!!! Not a child in sight!!!!
Sorry Ladies, I had to get that off my chst. During Bronwyn's 2.30am feed this morning I was writing a mental letter of complaint to both Asda and Tesco.


  • Ohh this is our pet hate too! Gillans been known to shout at people as they get out of their car in the parent spaces with a complete lack of a child!!
  • Don't get me started on this subject.
    I don't know about you but the supermarkets near me only have 10 parent and child spaces, as most of their shoppers will be parents with young children they really should have more!!!
  • Are local Tesco only has a few space too and it really annoys me, i have been known to park in two normal spaces so that i can get Jessica back in the car.
    I also used parent and child spaces when i was heavily pregnant as i was worried someone would park to close and i wouldn't beable to squeeze back in.
  • Well, where do i begin?

    The people in sports cars think that by parking in the bays nobody will scratch the car....if they are that bothered they shouldn't go out in it at all!!

    Most people with a disabled badge think it's a pass to park where ever they like regardless of the highway code, etc.

    And what really annoys me, almost as much as childless couples, are people who use the spaces with older children, no baby carrier, no screaming toddler to try and strap in. They should know better as they've been there!

    I understand why you used the spaces when you were heavily pregnant Simone, in fact we have a supermarket not too far away which has spaces specifically for expectant mums which i think is great.

    I think that's enough said!
  • So its not just me then!!!!
    I took Bronwyn out of the car seat as I was concerned that I wouldn't get the car seat back in. I am 5ft 3 and drive a Zafira (higher seats han most cars), my Mamas & Papas car seat has a base (extra height) so I have enough trouble lifting the carseat plus heavy baby into the car, without having to worry about bashing the idiot next to me! Although God knows why I worry as 2 idiots have scratched my brand new shiny car!!! And why, even though people can see the baby seat do they still park too close!!!!!!
  • Caroline I can garentee you that if we park the furthest away from the supermarket, with no car anywhere near us when we come out we are surrounded!!
  • And the baby sign stuck to the back of the car!!!!!!!!!!
  • i always struggle to find a space. The other week i sent my husband in to get a couple of things so i sat in the car with my daughter who was fast asleep. I counted 7 cars that parked in parenting spaces even though they had no kids. It so ennoys me
  • On a more positive note, I was trying to get into a building up 3 steps yesterday and a guy put his fag down and helped me lift the pram up the steps and I hadn't even asked. I was waiting for my mates brother to do it! How cool was that!

    It restored my faith in humans!
  • I know excatly what you mean about the parent and child spaces. I get so angry when people who don't have children use them. I've confronted two people at different supermarkets about it and actually both moved. I was in the safety of my car both times, I wouldn't do it on foot! I listened to a 'debate' on LBC about this topic not long ago and mothers (always mums and not dads...) were slated for wanting to be closer to the doors. It isn't that at all, we just need space to get the seat it! There are none at my local shopping mall, only disabled spaces and I tend to park some way from the doors where the spaces are less popular and park across two. I have a large vehicle so it looks as if I can't drive, but better that than the incident where the people next to me were so close I couldn't open the doors, had to leave my son in his buggy in the carpark, enter my car via a sliding back door, climb over to the driver's side, back out and leave the car in the middle of the aisle, blocking other traffic to get my son in the car. And don't get me started on disabled drivers. I live in a road with controlled parking and it is amazing how many can't walk but do DIY and visit the DIY shop nearby, and how many disabled people use the tube, judging by the astonishing number of cars with badges that appeared the day of the last tube strike...
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