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Hi, its only 2 months till the big day and I was wondering how you were all getting on with your prezzie buying? Xmas presents for the girls are almost done as are their birthdays which are both in December. But I'm having trouble finding things for Chris who's 15. He's into computers(he has one in his room), likes music(got an ipod last year) likes games but already has a ps2. So far I've got him a new watch and an ipod dock I really need some help so if anyone has got any suggestions for things I can get him I would be very grateful.
From Sarah


  • Hi Sarah
    I've managed to do most of my Xmas shopping online this year which has been a great help, only a few bits left to get!!!
    My niece is also 15, it's such a difficult age to buy presents for. What about a psp or a portable dvd player?
  • When you say he's into music, do you mean listening or playing? There is a cool game for the pc which allows kids to make up their own music, like a pro DJ. Would he like that?
  • Men of all ages are impossible to buy for, aren't they? I have my dad sorted this year but the big problem is hubbie. As for Chris, how about a gadget he can play with? My hubbie is a just a big kid and loved a miniature remote controlled helicopter I got him for his birthday, would that be an idea? If he is into computers, how about something like a cordless keyboard, or one of those flat ones that roll up; a cordless mouse; some gadget that plugs into the USB socket, a lamp for instance although there must be more exciting things available. A digital camera maybe? A new printer / scanner / a photo printer if he has a camera? I hoped I've sparked off some ideas for you!
  • Buying for teenage lads or men is virtually impossible for me!!
    Here's a smaller present idea but i bought it for my next door neighbours lads and they loved it (i was addicted too)!

    this is a link for ebay as it's the easiest place to find things but i know you can get them from tescos and argos too.
  • We've bought Ethans main Christmas present this week,his first proper bike!! My husbands so excited and spent ages choosing it, he wanted to buy it early so he's got time to check it over and tinker with it typical man!!!!
  • Hi,
    Thanks for your great idea's. I put them to Chris and he definatly wants some usb gadgets, apparently argos have some. I'm also looking on ebay.
    Thanks again
    from sarah
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