Are there any army wives out there?

I am not an army wife, however my fiance is in the Navy! Does that count?


  • Hi Hun
    My husband used to be in the Navy up until 4 years ago and now is in the army but not the regular army as they are called MPGS (ex service personel who do the security on the gates over here)He is employed like they are in the army so i hope that i fit in saying i'm an army wife x
  • Yeah my husband has to go away on courses its something that they seem to have brought in just lately. He doesn't get posted anymore which is nice but the other day he was saying that if their unit get the chance to serve abroad then we are going.Still that could be a couple of years away yet. When he was in the navy he did spend quite a bit away. Even 2 weeks after we got married he went out to sea for 3 months. I was 3 months Pregnant when he came back. It can get lonely sometimes but we all seem to get through it with the correct support network of good friends.
  • Hiya
    My hubby's in the Royal Marines. He has just been posted to Afganistain for 6 months! He has only been gone 2.5 wks and it's going very slow! We moved down to be near his base a year ago but soon moving back to Kent once our house is sold. Since he has been out there he has come to his senses and wants to leave. It's one year's notice! He has been away for several months this year to prepare for it and he also went to afgan last year for 6 months! I do find it lonely but try to keep busy with toddler groups. We have a little boy now 2. It's hard as he keeps asking for daddy.

    How long have you been living in Germany and how long have you left out there? Have you made many friends?

    Marie. xx
  • Hiya

    Hubs is due back for Christmas but dates are always changing. Looking forward to it though. I've booked us tickets to see billy ellliott in london. Something to look forward to.
    I'm going home in a few weeks too so it will be nice to catch up with family and friends.
    Bet it must be hard for Jack as he's use to having daddy around. I guess it's hard whatever their age?
    Spoke to hubs this morning and he is well. He has handed in his notice, yippee!!
  • Hi
    My fiance is due home on the 15th Nov for a month, but will be away for our daughter's first Christmas. We are doing Christmas on the 1st Dec. We've got both parents coming over, the tree will be up, there will be a full Christmas dinner (should be fun as I am veggie!) and presents! He should have next Christmas off which will be good as Bronwyn will know what is going on by then! I will be going to my parents for Christmas, as I always do!!
  • I won't be a Navy wife for much longer. My fiance has today handed in his notice! He has to work a years notice, so on the 31st of October next year he leaves the Navy. He has no idea what he is going to do but can no longer go on trying to do his job with poor equipment. Morale is at an all time low and to cap it all off, he has again been overlooked for promotion. He was recommeneded for promotion and is annoyed, quite rightly, at being overlooked. Anyway, life is about to change!!!
    Although, on a positive note it means he will be able to see his daughter grow up. And, I won't have to do many more heartbreaking goodbyes.
  • Hi Caroline,

    I'm not surprised he's handed in his notice, anyway it's probably a good thing, as Bronwyn gets older the goodbyes would get harder. He'll find something.
  • He is going to have a nightmare trying to get a job here. But as he has said, he will have to do whatever he can get.
  • Caroline31
    My Husband was in the Navy for 7 years and finished for the same reasons as your o/h. He is now working in the MPGS that employ ex militry personel only. It does mean that he is ownws by the army now but it also means that we get the same benifits as we did before (house, pension ect)It's not the most exciting job and he has found it tough at times but we are happy and he can do this job til he retires x
  • Hiya, where is your hubs at the mo? My hubs out 27th Oct next year. Mines in afgan. Will he try police force? He should get resettlement though? Mine is doing HGV for time being but will try police. Again, has to be better than now and he see's our little boy grow up.
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