Bee Bop Band


Has anyone ever seen the Bee Bop Band Drums? If not, this is what they are

This is the only one i can find and it's collection only in birmingham so not suitable. I'm hoping to get one for Amber for Christmas and just wondered if any of you know any shops they are available from?

Thanks in advance xxx


  • Hi Tasha,

    It's not the same but the Early Learning Centre used to do a musical instrument collection which had a drum and a few other things, it was Jack's so I can't quite remember what. Have you tried there?
  • Hi Tasha

    Just spotted this on ebay, i think it's the same thing.
  • OOhh thankyou will have a look into it! I just object to paying £7.99 postage! Really want it for Amber though so will chat (well, more pursuade)to Gillan!
    Thanks again xxx
  • Hi Tasha
    Did you mnanage to get the Bee Bop Band on ebay?
    It looks like fab toy!
  • YAY!!!!
    Just managed to get one off ebay at a reasonable price!! i was lucky that 7 had been put on at similar times so they're going cheap! Can't wait to give it to her now!!

    Boo there's still some on there if you wanted one for Ethan!
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