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Hello everyone!
I have been sent lots of new clothes for Bronwyn but people didn't send the hangers and I have no decent hangers to keep outfits together. I have plenty of single normal hangers, I am looking for the ones with a square bit on the bottom that holds the skirt or trousers. Can you buy these in the shops or on the internet?


  • Hi caroline,
    Woolies do them.
    They come in packs of 12 and cost 99p!!!!!
    They come in blues and pinks and are ideal.
    They have that bit at the bottom to hang skirts/trousers over.
    Mothercare also do baby hangers pack of 6 for £6. lovely wooden ones.
  • Thanks Lucyanne
    I'll look out for them next time i'm in Woolies!
  • Hi Boo
    Are they plain hangers or the square ones that they use in shops which hold skirts and trousers round them?
    I have loads of plain ones, I just have no way of hanging up full outfits and bottoms.
  • I got some cheap ones out of mothercare, but they're so small Cameron's clothes just fall off them. I got the same ones as Boo out of Tesco the other day, they've got the bar along the bottom to fold the trousers over.

    Grobag also do hangers with clips at the ends for skirts and trousers, they're a bit pricey but really good.
  • Thanks Dawn
    That's the closest to what I want. I will have a look next time I go near a Mothercare. (if i can get the pram in) I think I need to befriend someone who works in a kids clothe shop who can get me the hangers that they use. I love those hangers with the big square at the base which you put the skirt or trousers over.
  • If you go into M&S and ask a member of staff on childrens wear if you could have any spare hangers, they will gladly give them to you. just tell them which ones you want.
  • Caroline,

    I've just had a thought, have you ever used Nicola's nurseries in chip alley, Skegness? Is it something they might do. I go in everytime we go but i don't know it well enough to know if they do hangers.

    They do have a website if you wanted to look on there.
  • I know Nicola's nursery well! They do beautiful Silver Cross coach built prams. I drool over them every time i go in!
    I don't go over to Skeg very often, but it is worth a look next time I go over there. Thanks for suggesting it Zoe.

    I need someone to come and remove the custard creams from my biscuit box before I end up looking like one!!!!!
  • Just found these, i think the ones on the top left are what you're after.
  • They are my favorite too, pity you can't send me some via email!

    I know the silver cross prams well, they are very georgeous. I've had some great things from there. We have to make sure there is room in the car incase i want to bring anything back!! We have since found out they deliver to anywhere in the uk for a fiver!
  • You are a star!!! Yes, they are perfect! Shame the website won't show me how much they are! Maybe they are out of stock!!!!
    I have added it to my fave websites so i can keep checking on them!

    Thank you
  • You're welcome!!!!!
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