I hope to get to chat!!!

As i've said, I'm going to my sisters tomorrow until mid week.

She has the internet but for some reason has trouble getting on to PP (she tried to register when i did)! I'm hoping it's just her not doing it right and that a PP Cafe Pro should manage it!!!

So I hope to be able to keep in touch but if not, Chat on wednesday!!! xxxx


  • Have a go Tasha, but if it fails, we'll chat on wednesday.
  • If it works the computers in my nieces room where i'm sleeping so i'll catch up with all the messages when i do ambers 3 am feed!!!
    That way i'm not being antisocial! xxx
  • Hi Tasha,
    Hope you have a good time, if you don't manage to get on here i will chat on wednesday xx
  • Hi Tasha,im sure you'll be able to sort it out.
    If not, look forward to catching up properly on Wed.
    Enjoy some time away
    Kas xx
  • Hi Tasha
    Hope you have a good time!
    Chat to you on wednesday unless you manage to get online before then!
  • Hi Tasha,
    Just seen you are online, hope you are all packed, what time are you leaving!
  • Now!!! Just logging off!!
    Chat soon xxxx
  • Hiya all!

    Well, i don't know what's up with my sisters computer but it won't display the forums page only the blinkin' car advert!!!!!!

    I was SO annoyed and i'm sure i had withdrawal symptons!!
    We had a lovely couple of days though and gillans home safely from scotland. Having a quiet day tomorrow so hope to catch up with you all xxxxxx
  • Hi Tasha,

    Glad you had a nice time. I'm at work this morning this morning so i'll try and catch you later. Did lasts nights class go well?

    Zoe xx
  • Hi Tasha

    Welcome back!!!!
    Glad you had a good time!!
    Are Ethan and Amber all better now?

    Dawn x
  • Hiya,
    Thanks for the message Dawn. The kids are much better now thanks, Ethans appetites back with a vengeance and he's sleeping lots as i think it exhausted him so it's good all round!!!
    Ambers finished her course of antibiotics and showed no signs of reacting so i'm happy and relieved!!!

    how's Cameron doing? I hope you're well xx
  • Glad they're both better!!!
    Cameron's great, we've had tots this morning so it's been quite a good day. I think we may be in for a rough night though, he wouldn't eat any dinner and then only took a few ounces of milk before bed!!!

    Chat soon x
  • Hi Tasha welcome back and im glad you had a nice time and the children are ok.
    Chat soon x x
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