I can't believe my daughter!
We went to a display fireworks opposite mil with Jessica and i thought before i went that we would have to come home as she was likely to scream!
The first rocket went of and it was really loud and she didn't even flinch! Daddy was holding her and she sat in his arms watching the fireworks and clapping and singing lol.


  • Bless her.
    Niamh likes watching from indoors, but dont think she's too keen on the bangs.
    Thats really good, especially at Jessicas age.
  • I know, i really thought she would hate it, as most children do at her age!
  • Does she like loud music and things?
  • Yes, but also ever since she was born she has always laughed when you make up jump. Very odd really!
  • Sounds like she'll love scary stuff, maybe a rollercoster lover!!
  • God i hope not!
    I used to love rollercosters, but as i have got older i have turned into a wuss and hate the things now!
  • Thats great jessica loved them (and zoe & ethan)! my 2 were quite happy with them as well although we didn't manage to get to a display. Ethan was mad on the sparklers but they turned me into a neurotic mess worrying about them!!
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