Mistletoe Kisses

Has anyone tried the new Christmas Choc, Mistletoe Kisses? If not, then you must! They are delicious! The only problem is for 45p you only get 3! They are milk chocs with a choc mousse and caramel filling!

I really should have told you that they were vile so that no-one buys them so that I could have more!


  • Oooh i will have to try some!
    I had a whispa yesterday, i found them in a little newsagents.
  • oh oh, i saw thoe yesterday in Asdas. I should have bought some. I think that we should all go out and by some to test them, then we can all give opinions on here (just for research purposes of course)
  • Think i might have to try them but only because i can't simply go on your comments i have to test and see!!
  • Its OK ladies, you can just trust my judgement!!!! I am happy to be chief tester!!!!!

    I am going to get more tomorrow! So much for trying to get back into my jeans and out of my maternty jeans which stretched so much with my ever expandig belly that they fall down!
  • lol.
    no, honestly Caroline, we couldnt put all that pressure on you to test them, it just doesnt seem fair. I have to step in here and help you out. Sorry.
  • It' OK! You don't have to put yourself out on my account!!!!!!!
  • NO NO, honestly, I insist!!
  • I am sure you won't like them!!!! They are really really horrible!!!!
  • well i think perhaps we all need to test lots of them and rate them on a scale of ten just to be sure!
  • I agree Tasha.
    So, shall we all meet here tomorrow night to give the verdicts?
  • Good plan!!
    I'm off to bed now, hope you all have a good night chat soon xxx
  • So by tomorrow lunchtime there will be no stock of Mistletoe Kisses anywhere!!!!!! There will be a Mistletoe Kiss drought........NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  • Night Tasha!
    Sweet Dreams!
  • i have just received a fab powerpoint email about chocolate. Please PM me if you would like me to send you it.
  • just bought one today lol
  • Im going into town tomorrow so will try and remember to get some for the research!
  • Hi Caroline,

    I'll look out for them and give them a try. I'll let you know what i think.
  • Eening girls,
    well, im late on, because ........ ive just run down to Asdas to buy a mistletoe kiss!! I know, sad, but well worth it.

    My verdict: 10 out of 10. Yummy!!

    Kas xx
  • Well Done Kristy, you managed to get a Mistletoe Kiss before I buy them all!!!! What did you think of it?

    I am addicted, going out for more tomorrow!!!! Could eat one now but still in Pjs so a trip to the co-op isn't the best idea!!!! I can't believe the rest of you haven't tried them yet....it will soon be too late!!!! ha ha ha!
  • Ohh i'm jealous!! Are they that good?!
    Saying that i'm sitting here tipsy on gorgeous rose wine and my lovely hubby came home with a BIG bar of cadbury choccie so i'm very happy!!!!
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