Bedtime routine

I decided it was time to get Bronwyn into a bedtime routine. I am amazed how well Bronwyn has taken to it, this is the 4th night of putting her into the travel cot in my room and the 4th night that she has got herself off to sleep without cuddles or fuss!

No doubt it will go to pot next week as I have guests from Sunday to Tuesday who have 2 kids and then on Thursday Daddy is home! And we have to drive to Heathrow at 2.30am, so bang goes the night time feeding routine although I am hoping she will sleep all the way there.


  • Hi Caroline, thats great that shes taken to it so well. It makes life so much easier when they are in a routine. I wouldnt worry too much bout the other kids being there, Im sure it wont phase her. Also, when you go to the airport, thats only one night, so she'll soon fall back into routine.
    Keep it up Bronwyn.
    Bet you cant wait to see your hubby next week. Sorry, cant remember his name.
    Kas xx
  • He's called Gareth and he's not yet my hubby! And seeing as he's handed in his notice at the Navy we will have to postpone the wedding!!! Unless he manages to get a well paid job which is highly unlikely round here!

    It will be great to see him! He is going to be surprised b how much Bronwyn has changed, although I have been sending photos!!
    I am really surprised at how easy it was to get Bronwyn into the routine. Most of my mates struggled to get their babies into a routine at 4 or 5 months. One couple had their daughter fall asleep on them everynight on the sofa and at a year old she still wouldn't sleep in her cot in her bedroom. They had a mattress on the floor and took it in turns to have the floor whilst the other shared the bed with their kid!!!
  • Hi Caroline. I think you've done really well with the routine and also I think you've discovered why it is harder to do as they get older - they get into a routine of having no routine! One night at the airport won't be a problem, keep to the feeds as well as you can, she'll know things are a bit different anyway and I'm sure she'll be fine. As long as you keep her in her routine the visitors shouldn't be a problem, and she's still very young and adaptable so she'll go back aftewards if she does become more unsettled.

    Really pleased to hear that Gareth is comong home soon, you must be so looking forward to being a family in one place. He's staying for good now?
  • Hi Caroline,

    I'm glad you've been able to get Bronwyn into a routine, it makes life easier for you.

    I know you are looking forward to seeing Gareth again, and he will be to. Enjoy your time together, that means you won't be on here quite as much!!

    Take care, Zoe x
  • Hi Caroline, of course he's Gareth, i just didnt get a chance to look at the other posts to double check, I was going to call him Gavin!! Near enough (not). Anyway, hope you are well today. Catch up later.
    Kas xx
  • Thanks Nicolette
    I was wondering if Bronwyn was too young for a routine, but the fact that she has taken to it so easily means that she was probably ready for it. I am surprised at how easy it was! She doesn't really have a daytime routine yet but feeds at similar times every day, give or take an hour!

    Gareth is only home for 4 weeks. He works 10-12 weeks on and 4 weeks off. He has only been back at work 5 weeks after his paternity leave. When he goes back on Dec 14th we have 12 weeks until he is home again. He has handed his notice in and leaves the Navy on 31st Oct.
  • Hi Zoe
    I will still get online as Gareth is a computer addict. Its quite sad really but we end up sat on seperate sofas each with our laptops. You can't get rid of that easily!!!
    Although I would like us to get out a bit as a family. The only problem is, now that toursist season is over, this tiny seaside town is dead!!!!
  • Hi Caroline,

    It's not sad you are both on the computer, at least you are in the same room together. In that case it will be business as normal then!

    I can imagine what it's like round you. We were at Chapel the weekend of the 13th/14th of October and it was like a ghost town. We were at the stadium for a stock car weekend so that was busy. We had chips from one of the local chippies and they were all closing for the winter over half term week, as they just don't get the business to stay open all year.

    I suppose the plus side is you can go into skeg, not get stuck in traffic and park in the supermarkets better!!

    Zoe x
  • Hi Caroline. Try reading some Barbara Erskine short stories, the first anthology 'Encounters' is the best. She lives on the Essex coast and writes a great deal about wind swept beaches and makes them sound exhilirating. I used to live in Aberystwyth and you can imagine what that place was like in Winter, but I loved watching the sea, especially when it was stormy and the waves crashed on the rocks. Perfect if you are on your own and feeling down. You can wrap up warm and come back to a warm house and hot toast and tea. Lovely.
  • Bronwyn managed 4 days in the moses basket but kept waking herself by bashing her arms on the sides. She is in the travel cot in our room but I intend on moving her once my guests have been and gone. She likes her cot so hopefully she'll take to that easily.
    I have actually become a heavier sleeper since Bronwyn was born, but I think we probably both wake each other up and it will be worse when Gareth is home.
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