Hi Grace,

Jack wants to do one this year. I'll probably do it with him in the next week or so. It's getting exciting now!


  • Hi Gracey!
    I'm going to do ours after the first of December. Unless i cant control myself and do it other the next few days! lol
    Love Andrea
  • Hi Grace,
    we are going to do one with Niamh this year, not so much to do with the presents she wants, but more to do with the fact that we need to tell Santa that we are in Ireland this year, so he needs to leave her presents there.

    Glad yours went well. Not long to go now. Cant wait.
    Hope you are all well

    Kas xx
  • Thanks Grace.
    How long did it take for you? Oisin will be next. Hows he doing with the walking now?
  • we're doing one with robert, but more of we ask what he wamts,

    all he says is car or ball!
    but we're trying to get him to know all about santa, he can say it so good start!
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