That's better

Sorry, not got anything to say but was sick of seeing rita skeeters free information sheets!!!!!


  • Hehehehehehehehe! Nice one Caroline, I was fed up of seeing her but never thought of that!
  • Its been bugging me for a while and this is the only way to wipe it. Until she decides to advertise her website again!!!
  • No doubt this will just happen again now you have started it, you've given us all the idea!
  • Yep that is better!!!!!! xx
  • By the way, i was a bit worried when i saw you'd put a post here, thought you'd decided not to go and get Gareth!!!!!!
  • Caroline, love what you did, but you scared the life out of me.
    Thought the same as Tasha.

    Kas xx
  • Sorry for startling you ladies!!!! Gareth is still coming home in 2 days, yes 2 days! I can't wait!!!He can't wait either, he is sick of hot weather and can't wait for some cool temperatures! I must remember to pack his fleece or sweatshirt or he will freeze when I pick him up!

    I was sooooo sick of seeing Rita Skeeters name that I just had to do something about it!!! No doubt she will be back at some point!!
  • I'm just refreshing the name too!
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