And the winner is...


Congrats on winning web user of the month!!
Hope you enjoy your goodies when they arrive.

Very impressed that pp has arrived early this month, since mine was so late last time. So far i've spotted Kas, Nicolette and Boo(twice!!)

Well done again Tasha xx


  • Yay Tasha.....about time!!!!
    Well done! its only taken 1000 plus posts!

    A very deserved winner!
    Think of all those pear smoothies you can make for Amber.
    And waffles for ethan.

    well done I'm really chuffed for you.
  • Well done Tasha, its about time you won!
  • Thanks Very Much Girls!
    And thanks for the post Dawn it's made my day!!!
    My copy hasn't arrived yet and i wasn't expecting it until next week so it's a nice surprise! Can't wait to make Ethan a Disney breakfast!!!!!

    Thanks again here's hoping you all win WUOTM over the coming months!!

    THANKS PP! xxxx
  • Well done Tasha, it had to be you this month.

    Congatulations again, Zoe xx
  • Spotted lucyanne too!!!
  • Oooh really what did I say?
  • You're in 'what rates' when you talked about In the Night Garden and how Katelin loves to dance in front of the tv when it's on!!
  • Oh thats nice. I will buy a copy and put it in her memory box
  • That's a really lovely idea!!!!
  • My post arrived at 3pm and so did my PP!! Ethan was so impressed to see us in the magazine and now thinks i'm a brilliant mummy for winning him a micky mouse toaster!!
    That's a great idea about putting a copy in their memory boxes i'll have to go and get another cope though so they have 1 each!!

    I've rung my mum and sister to say i've won! i'm very excited, not really won anything before and
    and this was simply for having regular chats with lovely people, bit jammy i reckon!!!
  • What a nice thing to say. I think we all think you're lovely too Tasha
  • Well Done Tasha!!

    Its good to see all the time you've spent online hasn't gone to waste!!!
  • This is very true!

    I am being accused of being a geek by my fiance for chatting on here and msn!!!!!!!! Maybe if I was to win a load of goodies he would have to eat his words!!!!!
  • YAY Tasha,
    well deserved I reckon. I got my copy as well this morn. Havent read much but spotted Nicolette, Lucyanne, boo and myself in the what rates and grates section!!
    Wow, its funny that when each month comes around, how many peoples names we recognise.

    Ok Tasha, I'll be round for some mickey ice cream!! Yum.

    Well done again!!

    Kas xxxxx
  • Well done Tasha! It is really nice to be able to recognise names in there and to know that the comments are from real people and not made up by the editorial team!

    My contribution to this months 'What Rates' was just so random - a comment from a thread about lunches. Maybe we should help them a bit and do What Rates and What Grates threads for them to look at!
  • That's not a bad idea Nicolette. It would save them from having to read through so many posts.

    Maybe you should start it in time for next issue?
  • That's a great idea!!
    I'll start thinking about things that bug me!! Can we include husbands?!!!
  • Oh Tasha, you know you dont mean that!!!!
  • Well i think Kas and Caroline would agree with me about my husband bugging them!!
    He pretends to be me on msn then tells them how wonderful/sexy 'my husband' is!
  • Oh how funny!
    At least he has a sense of humour!
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