Sooo funny!

I gave Jessica her bath last night and she always has a while downstairs naked! any way i was in the kitchen doing dinner and she was stood at the stairgate watching the telly. I heard her saying Ta Ta and i looked around and she was holding a poo nugget out for me!!!!!!!!!


  • Thats very funny simone.
    Very clever too as she knew to give it to you!!!!
    On friday night, Katelin was watching ITNG after her bath and was semi naked with just a nappy on and she did a poo, and from the time it took me to go into the kitchen to get a clean nappy,wipes and sack, she had decided to take her nappy off herself. So there waiting for me on the lounge floor was a lovely tennis ball size poopoo!....Nice
  • Oooohhh how nice for you Simone!
  • That's very funny, bless her!!!
  • I would love to have been a fly on the wall to see the looks on your faces!!!
  • I just craked up laughing, whilst tring to make sure she didn't put it in her mouth and tread in the rest that was on the floor!
  • I hope you have wooden floors!!!!!
  • Thankfully i do!
    Have you or did the poopoo stay in the nappy!
  • The nappy was round her ankles with a bit of poo, and the 'tennis ball' was on the floor.
    We learnt our lesson when Daniel was a baby and replaced our sofas with leather ones and took the carpets up and had a wooden floor put down instead.
    Makes cleaning up easier.
    I thought it was funny but Nigel and Daniel were both gagging! Then they left the room . She had to go back in the bath again.
  • Why do men find poo so hard to deal with!
    If Tony has to change a dirty nappy he has to pull his top up over his nose!
  • Nigel clears up any cat sick as I gag with that.
    Baby poo, I can handle. piece of cake!!!!!!!
  • I'm going to get confused as to which conversation is going on where.
    It dose'nt take much!
  • I always get confused!
    I can't do cat or dog things i would be sick!
  • Oh Boo, that's really funny i can just imagine Zoe trying to show your dad how to do it!! Was he pleased with himself or cross he'd had to do the job?!!
  • That is so funny!!!
    Lucky Zoe was able to help him or he could have got in a right pickle!!
  • hehehehe,
    this is hilarious. Thankfully ive not had a major poo incident yet. was expecting one when Niamh started potty traaining, but so far so good.
    Dont think i'll find it so funny when it happens here
  • Think what Tasha's Ethan did with his poo will take a lot of beating!!!!!!!
  • Cameron did one a few weeks ago when he was in the bath with his dad!!!!
  • Daniel was a regular for that. I was often found fishing out 'the big brown shark' after bath time.
    Aaron did it once with Daniel in the bath too. He could'nt get out quick enough. He had a short memory.
    Katelin( my pink princess) would'nt dream of doing it.!!!!
  • a lot of my friends have poo in the bath stories, but once again, thankfully never experienced it. Theres still plenty of time with Tara however.
  • Charlotte often has poo's in the bath. If she's been struggling she seems to find it easier to do and i'm that pleased she's managed it i'm not fussed by it. That's one reason i'm not looking forward to potty traing her.Poo's could be an issue.

    (I hope no ones eating while they're reading this!!)
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