My Cutie Pie

I've been taking more pics!!!!!





  • Caroline she is totally gorgeous, you must be soooo proud.
  • Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. Wow she's lovely, growing well. xx
  • She is lovely Caroline. Very cute little smile

    A real cutie pie!!!!!!!!
  • Those are gorgeous pics Caroline.
    Very cute!!
  • Thanks Girls! I am very proud of her! God only knows ho Gareth and I managed to produce such a sweetie

    The R for Reindeer photo was taken for a purpose! I have used it or versions of it on all the Christmas cards that I am making!
  • She's lovely, Caroline, she looks so happy and contented. She must have been such a comfort while your OH was away.
  • What a lovely idea.
  • Hi Lucyanne!
    I make all my own cards anyway and was stuck for inspiration when I had the thought that I was going to have to include photos for the family and friends who live away from us so why not just base my cards around the picture!! will take a photo and put one on here later in the week!

    Having Bronwyn around certainly fills my time when Gareth isn't here!
  • Have you done/are you doing a memory box for Bronwyn?

    If so, one of your christmas cards could go in it to show her when she is older
  • She is sooooo cute!!!!
    Think using pics of Bronwyn on your cards is a fab idea, i bought some that you can slot a picture inside (the lazy girls way to making your own cards!!)
  • Good idea Lucyanne!

    I am collecting bits and bobs for a memory box! Not really got myself organised just yet! I also have a huge pile of photos to make into a scrapbook, again not got round to it yet!!!!
  • Boo, Asda are doing them, and Boots i think.
    Hope this helps
    Kas xx
  • I love all your Christmas tickers they are great. Counting down the sleeps, "That's a long time" Jack said when I told him!!
  • Hi Boo
    Sorry but no idea where the outfit if from. Probably Next, it was given to me by my best mate whose daughter wore it 3 years ago!!!
  • Oh no, thats a shame Boo. Actually, saying that, I couldnt find a santa dress for Niamh this year (thankfully i tried her old one on and that still fits) but i could only get one for Tara.

    Ill keep a look out for you
  • Hi Boo, just replied on your other post
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