House of Tiny Tearaways?

Anyone been watching this new series on BBC3? I watched it last time round with Dr Tanya Byron. This series has new psychologists and I don't know if that has any bearing on it, but it really needs to be renamed 'House of Disfunctional Parents'. Some of these kids just don't stand a chance! The two fathers are hopeless and two of the three mothers are just so selfish. In comparison to the previous series, there seem to be few problems that couldn't be solved by the parents being a little more aware of the needs of their children and less about themselves. Am I being harsh?


  • Absolutely not, Boo, they make me want to scream aswell. I don't know if you saw it last night, but they were told to stuff teddies and make cakes for a teddy bear's picnic the next day and the two couples just went to bed and left the single mum to it, after telling her that they prefer to socialise with other couples. And the 17 year old went to bed in the middle of the day because she was tired and just dumped the baby in the cot ignoring that she was not tired and wanted to play. The pshych. dragged her back downstairs kicking and screaming. I know I am not perfect, but I do like to think that I put Bon first before my needs and to be a decent enough human to not utterly destroy a vulnerable person as these two women did.

    OK, deep breath, rant over!
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