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Oh For Goodness sake,
At least be original


  • I have 1 word to say

  • Tell ya what my idea for a free toy/gift is getting riley a happy meal or the monkey on teabags not from a website that requires you to part with loads of cash first.
  • Really Heather?

    I keep clicking on those links and its not working for some reason.
    Are you sure you've put in the right details as it sounds like an offer I really dont want to miss out on as I love these freebie offers they're just sooo FAB and I'm a huge fan of all the disney films.
    And I have so many friends that love this sort of thing too so they could go to your website too if you could just check you've put all the details in correctly, that would be so helpful thanksxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    If you could get back to me by wednesday please as thats when I search the net as i do most wednesdays and me and all my friends have just found out we are all pregnant so the free toys would come in handy...Chop chop.....
  • Do the moderators have anything to say about these threads?
  • Oh Lucyanne you're brilliant!!!!!!!
  • Hehehe, just read what you put Lucyanne, very good!!
  • Go Lucyanne!!!

    Bet they don't read it or take the hint! But you've given us a chuckle!!!! Thanks
  • Just looking at the adresses that 'Heather' kindly supplied for us, the phrase 'referer ID' sort of leaps out. Too much to presume that there isn't something in it for her to get us to sign up to these things?
  • I thought I may aswell make use of her post
    by giving us a bit of a laugh.
    I think was a bit delierious this morning.
  • Lucyanne, you are fab!!!!!!
    You've brightened up my day!!!!
  • Glad to be of assistance Dawn.
    How are you?
  • I'm fine thanks.
    Cameron's sleeping so i'm enjoying a bit of 'me' time. I was meant to be meeting a friend for lunch today, but she went into labour last night and i got a text before to say she'd had a wee boy this morning.

    How are you?
    How's Katelin and her pox?!!!
  • Thats lovely news Dawn.
    What did he weigh?

    Poor Katelin is struggling big time. She cant sleep and has red eyes, she is shattered.
    Her spots are really bad, allover her body and she has them in nasty places, Her eyes, nose, in and on her mouth, in her ears, her lady bits, on her head and she even has them on her fingers and palms.
    She is trying to be brave, bless her
  • He was 7lb 8oz!!!

    Poor Katelin, it must be so hard watching her suffering whilst knowing that there's not very much you can do.

    Give her a big hug from us, and i really hope she feels better soon xx
  • Thanks Dawn. She is a sorry sight!
    She's been bathing in bicarb of soda and I bought some calamine cream yesterday to rub on and I think she finds that soothing. I'm almost out of it and need to get some more as it helps stop the itch.

    Is Cameron well?
  • Hi Lucyanne

    Cameron's fine thanks, he's been full of the cold again but i think we're over the worst. His cheeks have been bright red and burning hot today so i don't know if he's teething, i seem to have been saying this for months but there's still no sign of the elusive first tooth.
  • The only site i have ever been on and got something for nothing, with no refuring was baily's and i won a shaker!
  • I reckon this is the best site for freebies....... all you have to do is be part of lovely group of cyber friends and chat away! If you're write enough messages you'll eventually win loads of disney stuff and then still be able to carry on chatting!!
  • That is very true! Well put.
  • Whilst making smoothies and waffles
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