Pictures of our time together

Hi girls
Have had a lovely time with Lucy and Katelin, we met at eleven and the next thing we know its half two!
Katelin is so sweet and i felt like i had known Lucy for years!
Here are a few pitures


  • Lovely pictures Simone.
    It looks like you and lucy had a fab time with the girls!!

    I'm jealous! I want someone to meet up with!!!
  • We did have a good time (i assume Lucy did) and the children were really well behaved and had loads of fun!

    We will hopefully meet up again after christmas
    Sorry i don't live near you xx
  • Glad you had such a good time, I too am jealous!!!! Role on the baby show!!
  • oh yay!!,
    im really glad you all had a fab time. Looks like you had great fun. Now we know what lucyanne looks like too.

    glad it all went well for you both.
    take care and chat soon
    Kas xx
  • Simone, thankyou for a lovely day. I really had a nice time and so did katelin.
    It was lovely to meet you properly and I look forward to meeting up again in Jan.
    I have to say I also felt like I'd known you for years, and the butterflies I had this morning were unnecessary. I felt really comfortable in your company.
    Jessica is lovely and so well behaved, she is a credit to you.( and katelin wants to thank her for sharing her marmite sandwiches)
    Was Jessica asleep soon after you left?.
    We got as far as the Basingstoke hotel and katelin was fast asleep.
    I was a bit late on the school run. I saw Aaron through the classroom window helping his teacher to stack chairs, poor thing. he asked me why I was late,so I blamed you!!!!!!! hehe
    Thanks for posting the pictures of my precious little baby cake.
    I will show her tomorrow.
  • Great pictures, Katelin and Jessica are sooooo cute!!!
    I'm glad you all had a good time!!

    I've no excuse now, i'm off to photobucket some pictures of my scary family, so watch out!!! hehe
  • Hi Lucy
    Thanks for that, i did enjoy myself and Katelin is such a good girl, has she got over all her knocks and bumps!
    Im glad she liked the marmite sandwich, Jessica loved those fruit things, will have to get her some.
    She was alseep by the time we got out of Basingstoke, i think we wore her out!
    Hope you are having nice evening, im going to watch ramsey's kitchen nightmare at ten. xx
  • Ramsey's on now, we've got it on. I take it you are going to watch c4 plus 1?

    katelin is fine thanks. She was like a little rag doll falling about everywhere.
    Jessica looked so tired. What time did she go to bed?
  • Yes will watch it on E4plus

    Katelin was sooo funny, are you sure that was just juice in her cup!lol
    Jessica went up to bed at 7.50 had a cry for 10mins, and havn't heard a peep since.
    Sorry you were late for the boys! at least the teacher got some help. xx
  • Thats good then. Hopefully she'll sleep till 8.
    You'll enjoy Gordon, its a great one tonight
  • Thanks, im going to logg of in a mo, so have a good evening and catch up tomorrow.
    And again thanks for today, i really needed that xx

  • Me too. looking forward to the next meeting. Logging off in a mo too. Need some sleep.
    nite nite
  • How sad am I?
    I keep going back to Simone's post with our pics in so I can keep looking at the picture of katelin.
  • That is sweet, not sad, Lucyanne, she's ever so cute. I never tire of looking at pics of Bon either, I should figure out how to post one or two so I can boast about him!
  • Of course it isnt sad. Everyone loves looking at pics of their kids, its natural.

    Nicolette, yes, i think its time we saw you too and Bon! Look forward to seeing some piccies soon.
  • Oh yes. Go on Nicolete, please lets see you and Bon. Its only you left now, although I cheated as I got Simone to do mine.hehe
  • They're fab piccies and it's so good to finally see what Lucyanne looks like!! The girls are both so gorgeous!!
    I'm really glad you all had such a good time together!

    Kas and i are meeting up again on monday, going back to the playcentre then doing crafts in the afternonn, i can't wait!!
  • Hi Lucyanne,

    I never get tired of looking at photo's, I even look every now and then at the photobucket post to look at everyone. Next time you meet with Simone ask her how it's done then maybe we'll be able to see the boys too.

    Hi Tasha and Kas,

    That sounds like a fab day planned, the kids will sleep well for you both after such a busy day. What have you planned on making? Are you keeping it festive?

    Hi Nicolette,

    It would be lovely to put a face to your name and also see Bon too. When you've some spare time have a play around, you can always ask us if you get stuck.

    Take care all,

    Zoe xx
  • Morning Zoe

    How are you? We haven't chatted for a while!
    Yes we're keeping things christmassy on monday i saw a snowman craft in our local craft shop so i'm copying it, it's made from polystyrene balls and lots of glitter so the kids should enjoy it. I'm hoping we may have put our decorations up to but we want to blitz the house first!!!

    gillans now off work this week and all of next so it's going to be lovely having an extra bit of help.

    I hope you're well xxxx
  • Hi all
    You look like you had fun.Pick's are great,we should make one post just for picci's.Mine need updating first.
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