Credit card fraud

Just to warn you all, If you get a phone call from a credit card company claiming to be refunding you as there has been a mistake on your account, hang up.
There is a dodgy scam going around and they sound pretty professional.They have the cc number, but they are after the last 3 didgets on the back. Nigels mate was caught out with it.


  • There are some rotten people about, especially close to Christmas. Thanks for the warning Lucyanne, i'll let my friends know.
  • Thanks for letting us know lucyanne.
  • Thanks for that Lucy, think i heard the tale end of it on the radio! xx
  • Hi Lucyanne, thanks for the warning.
    In fact, today i had a phone call, and when i answered, it was an automated thingy, saying i was owed money in bank charges. I remembered what you said, and hung up.
    The thing is, ive never been charged by my bank, so i knew it was dodgy.
    So a big thanks
    Kas xx
  • Kas, surely if it was genuine your bank would write to you not use a recording. Good for you for hanging up. Did you phone your bank to check though?
  • Gosh how dodgy, thanks for the warning Lucyanne xx
  • Exactly Lucyanne,
    no i didnt phone, it didnt say it was my bank, itjust said that many people were owed money from bank charges, and to ring this number to find out more, (at that point i hung up).

    I will, however keep a close eye on my statements
  • I ummed and arrrhed about whether or not to put the post on but I'm sooooo glad i did now.
  • Hi ya
    My father in law sent me the email yesterday.shocking is all i can say!
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