Baby rice

I know Bronwyn is only 12 weeks but I have made the giant leap from milk to baby rice! I have to say it went better than expected! Bronwyn ate 5 spoons of baby rice and would probably have had more if I'd let her. She wolfed it down in the middle of a 6oz feed and then a hour later had 7oz of milk!!!

I have to say that I am pleased to have started her, hopefully this will help to fill up her huge tummy!!!


  • I'm glad it went well for you. Lets hope she's full for bedtime!!

    Keep us posted on her progress.
  • She sounds so ready for it Caroline.
    Bet she loved having something new. Mummys know their babies best and know when they are hungry.
    Hope weaning goes well for you
    Kas xx
  • Hi Caroline.
    I loved the weaning stage. Hope you and Bronwyn do too.
    Sounds like she is taking to it really well.
    It must have been the smell of the roast beef cooking that made her sooo hungry!
    Dont forget Annabel karmels 100 great purees for your 2nd christmas stocking!
  • Progress report!
    Yesterday we had 2 meals of baby rice, the guidance all says to give 1 or 2 spoons full to start(1 part rice to 10 parts milk). She had 6 at the first meal and 8 at the 2nd meal. Today she had the same mix and ate the lot!

    So, I would say that its going well!
  • She has a healthy appertite, Jessica was the same, i put her on to baby porridge at about 4months and she used to eat loads and drink her bottle xx
  • She was definately ready for it then Caroline. Is she sleeping better to?
  • Hi,
    Thanks for your comments of support. Bronwyn is still feeding well, 2 meals of baby rice and lots of milk. She is still feeding 2 or 3 times during the night but I am hoping that this will settle down soon.

    Next week I am going to try baby porridge and see how that goes!!
  • Charlotte used to love baby porridge for breakfast, i'm sure Bronwyn will too.

    I'm sure she will settle with her sleeping, having said that Charl eats well but still wakes for a feed at least once in the night. Sorry!!
  • Not sure I can cope with banana porridge. I hate bananas!!
  • I hate bananas to and we used to give riley apple and blueberry(box powder)he loved it and now we give it to chantelle and she loves it to(it is quite nice tho)
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