1st day back at work!!

hi all,
i had my first day back at work yesterday (went in for a couple of hours last week,but it was full day yest).
it was a great day to go back as it was the kids xmas play, so it was really enjoyable.

good luck to anyone else whos due back to work after mat leave soon.
take care
kas xx


  • Hi Kas!
    Glad your first day back went well!
    What do you do? I am assuming it must be in a school????

    Are you back full time? I have 4 weeks before I go back! My form won't know what's hit them! They have let standards slip since I've been on maternity leave!!
  • Hi Kas, Glad your first day back went well. School hols soon !!!!!!! hehe
  • Hi Kas
    Glad your first day back at work went well, at least you are getting back into it gently as you have the hols soon xx
  • Hi Kas,

    I'm glad your first day back wasn't too traumatic for you. What is it you do? Teacher? Assistant?

    I bet the play was nice for you to see, Jack had his yesterday and it was lovely.

    Take care,

    Zoe xx
  • Hi ladies, im a nursery nurse!!
    the nursery is closing for the hols which is nice, as most day nurseries open between xmas and new year.
    The good thing is, i am only back as relief staff (but the amount of hours ive got between now and xmas, i may as well be full time) but we need as much money as we can get. We usually hate ants shift work, but i must say, its working quite well, as when he's on a late i can work the mornings, and if hes on a day off, i can work all day. If he was in a mon-fri 9-5 job, id have to sort out alternative childcare. So i must be grateful for that.
    Thanks for the messages.
    Kas xx
  • Glad you had a good day,do your lillte ones go there or is it older kids.
  • i'm really glad your first day back went well! Think you've chosen the best time to go back to the nursery! Christmas with the children is lovely!!!

    I hope it continues to go well, chat soon xxxxx
  • Thanks guys,
    no, dont bring the girls with me, although i could if i wanted, as they take children from 3months to school age. But, i sat down with the manager and worked out how much it would cost me to bring the girls and it worked out (with discount) that I would owe THEM, about £2 per week, so therefore its soo not worth it. Thats why i work it round ants shifts.That also means he gets some quality time with the girls (and he gets to see what being a mum is like for a while).
    Kas xx
  • That's a good way of doing things. James works shifts so he helps out when I work. He has to do the school run and deal with Charl's tantrums, nappy changes etc. I've found that both my two enjoy one on one time with James, however, it's always me they want when they are poorly!!
  • Hi Kas

    Really glad your first day back was ok!!!!
    I'm back on the 7th Jan, but i'm going in for a couple of hours on Monday to see the kids and sort out my timetables, etc.

    Take care xx
  • Good luck Dawn,
    hope it all goes ok for you too.
    Where will Cameron be going?
  • Thanks Kas, i'm sure it'll be absolutely fine.
    Cameron's going to a childminder, i know her really well and she only lives over the road from the school so i can be there in under 5 mins if anything's wrong.
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