its 25th december...........

according to Niamhs chocolate advent calendar.

Yep, you guessed it, she's eaten the lot. little rascal!! did it while i was getting party food ready today.


  • Kas thats really funny, Josephs is out of reach but if he could get to it we would have gone through a couple by now!!
  • i thought Niamhs was out of reach, but she went on a climbing expedition!! hehe, i couldnt help but laugh.
  • My brother used to empty the lot by taking the plastic tray out, eating them and putting the tray back! One year heeven filled the shapes with blutak or playdoh thinking that no one would notice! Yes my brother was that stupid!
  • oh dear !

    roberts is defo out f his reach, cause i know hed do the same ,
  • Thats really funny Kas. Daniel did that when he was 3. it was 25th dec on 20th nov
  • Hi - Bon's is in reach, he reminds me to open it. The little boy that the former nursery felt was the anti-Christ, just wouldn't open the calendar without me. He has managed to rip off some of the open doors (they have Spider-Man pictures on) but he just wouldn't try and open the doors himself.

    I now fully expect him to rip the thing wide open tomorrow morning when I am not looking!
  • hehe Lucanne, thats funny.

    Nicolette, i was surprised we managed to get this far, but once she realised that everyday there were more behind each door, she just thought she'd rip the whole front off.

    Good job we've got her wooden one to open. Only bought the milkybar one cheap on about the 5th Dec.
  • Hehe Kas that's really funny!! Ethans is way up high so i don't think he can reach it, plus we're about 10 days behind as he's been either poorly or too naughty to get a chocolate!!

    Kas you can't really say anything, she's not the only one to polish off an advent calendar early is she?!!!!!!!!
  • Thats so funny!
  • lol, the things people do for a bit of chocolate!!

    Jack hasn't done that yet, he hasn't thought about it obviously as his calanders have always been in reach, but that might be because we have chocolates on the tree and he goes for them instead!

    My brother was a bit like Carolines. He would carefully open the door, eat the chocolate then close the door. Mum caught him out everytime.
  • didnt think id be the only one with a choccie story, kids are so funny!!

    ok, tashas dropped me right in it. last weekend, i had the munchies big time, (wrong time of month), and had a huge craving for choccie. so, i opened our celebrations calendar, the whole lt, but in my defence, i did share them!! hehe
  • Thats shocking Kas.
    All I can say is like mother like daughter!
  • Oh Kas, you naughty girl!!!!!!!!
  • i wasnt angry at all, it was so funny, i couldnt help but laugh!!
  • exactly. it'll be a funny story to tell her when shes older. And she didnt try to cover it up. In fact she came into the kitchen and told me shed done it. Very Honest!!
  • I admire her honesty, Kas!
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