Hi Tash

Looks like just me and you tonight,hope you had a good christmas,we did.
Great day and non stressful to which was nice.

Just catching up with my mail as not been on since a few days before xmas.



  • Hiya emma

    Good to hear from you it's been too quiet on here!! I'm glad you had a nice day you deserve a rest, did Chantelle have a good time with her daddy?!

    Do you have anything planned for new year? Think we'll be staying in although i'm trying to pursuade gillan to take us out early evening!
  • Sorry got caught up with the cleaning as kids didnt go down till half nine.

    Adi does security when he can get it an may have to work new years eve so i'll be at home with the kids i suppose,i dont mind tho as it will give me a break from worrying about a babysitter to pay for.

    Chantelle had a great time,she loves my mums dog,mum says she must have thought he was a live teddy bear,his a jack cross tiny but tubby.
    She's been a little restless today as i sware she knew she had a visit with her mum today(did nothing but scream)but at 1 o'clock social rung to say its been cancelled but chantelle was still edgy when the door went,poor thing.
  • Poor Chantelle, I know it's been said on here before nut thank goodness she has you guys. I'm glad she had a lovely christmas. How's Riley doing, did he get suitably spoilt?!!

    I think any of us stuck in on new years should have a virtual party on here, not sure what the husbands would think about it though!!!!!
  • Hiya,

    I'm afraid I won't be on her New Year's Eve as we have a house full, but i'm sure there will be a few of you to keep each other company.

    Emma, I'm glad you have had a good Christmas.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Thanks girls.
    Tasha im up for a new years virtual party.what should i bring,hehe!
  • Hiya! Won't be on early evening as we have been invited next door, which is a nice surprise as we never usually do a thing on new years!!

    Shouldn't think we'll stay until 12 because of the kids so may get on here to wish every one a good new year!
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