What a Day!

Hi girls

Where do I start? Couldn't sleep last night as hubs going away. he left at 2.30am, Jake woke at 3am. Put Jake in bed with me (bad idea I know but need sleep) Eventually go off then Jake wakes at 7.30ish? Feel very tired!

Have to sort car out. Whilst out yesterday, hubs says he car won't go into gear, I think worst and that means new gearbox and lots of pennies! Last night we order break down recovery so it starts from today, another 80 quid. Not to mention the service we had last week and new clutch, 600 quid! Still at lest todays repairs are fixed and it was just a loose cable, 20 quid! Oh, but told by garage need two new tyres soon, around 100 quid!!!! Aaaarrrrgggghhh!!!!

Skint and no husband! What a start to the new year! Still, hope test is positive next week! Sorry for the rant!!

lol. xxx


  • Oh dear.
    Can you enjoy your evening now and put your feet up? With a bit of chocci and good old pp.
  • oh, not a good start. hope things soon improve for you.

    why is it that its always when you have no money that things go wrong or break?? sods law!!

    take care and dont forget we're here to rant at
    kas xx
  • Sorry you have had a bad start to your week.

    And as Kas has said we are all here for you xx
  • Marie - sounds like you had a crappy day.

    As lucy-ann said grab some chocolate and tell us your woes x
  • Thanks girls, I have the chocs out from Christmas, I've nearly finished them off, oooops!

    M. x
  • Ours are nearly gone too.
    I had a mince pie and 2 mini chocolate logs for lunch today
    . I will regret that.
  • Don't worry i have just eaten a load of chocci and had a coffee with a drop of whisky in it!
  • Sorry you've had a bad day marie but if it's any consolation i have too and like you my hubbys away as well! So i've got a LARGE glass of baileys, a large block ofchocolate and have already eaten 2 crispy cakes!!!
    I really hope that tests positive for you!! xx
  • Whisky ??????
    You little boozer,you!!!!
  • It was only a drop, its very nice in coffee. Tony won it, so it would be a shame to see it go to waste!
  • oh dear Marie!! What a nightmare!

    If its any consolation, I won't be seeing my other half until the end of feb and then its only for 4 weeks before he rejoins his ship. And I am on maternity pay too, so I am also skint!!!
  • Thanks girls, feel much better now. Started on choc shells, but they seem really sweet, strange!

    Sorry your hubs away tasha and Caroline. When will yours be home tasha, and where is yours at mo caroline?

    lol. x
  • Glad you are feeling better now!!

    Mine is somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Won't see him until the 22nd of Feb.
  • Do you get to speak to him much? Did you say on another message that he was leaving the navy? If so, is he still?

    I can't wait for civy street and be back with our family and friends!.

  • Hi girls, so many questions to answer!!

    Marie, yes he is leaving the navy on the 31st Oct. I am in 2 minds about this. On one hand I would like him home and on the other hand he has finacial commitments and will find it hard to get a job in this sleepy seaside town. I get emails from him every day and calls about twice a week. When he's alongside (in a port) he can text me.

    Boo, not sure about Valentines day. I will be upset if don't get flowers as he has managed to order a dell laptop. He can't use the excuse that he couldn't get online as he is alongside in the next 2 weeks and can use an internet cafe! I have already told him that he will be home for my first Mothers day, he asked if i was hinting!!! Who me??
  • Hiya emma

    I'm so glad that Connor enjoyed his day, i'm sure you made the right decision! Thats lovely Imogens learning to giggle ambers 9 months old and doesn't giggle much! although i swear she said hiya today but i was probably imagining it!!
    Glad you've had a nice day i have too which is good as my hubbys away. yesterday was horrible so i feel much better today!!

    Take care xxxx
  • That's great Boo, she's obviously having lots of fun when she's there. That must be a relief for you that she's settled so well.
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