Imagination Time (drama classes)

Hi ladies, i know how much we dont really like people advertising freebies here, but would anyone mind if i advertised the business please?

"i've started a new business with my mate and we're doing drama classes for toddlers in the Wellingborough area. Classes involve action songs, dance section then acting out parts from a story! could be anything from brushing teeth to crawling around like a lion! Anyone interested? "

I know the regulars live too far away to be involved, but we are just trying to get the word out, and if it even gets one more member, then thats great.

I hope you dont mind me putting this on ladies. If you do, just say and i'll get rid!!

kas xx


  • Don't be silly Kas, As you know we don't mind it when people advertise a business if they're prepered to hang around have a chat and show some interest in the forum and i reckon you've just about acheived that!!!

    Seriously Kas it really sounds good and i know ethan would certainly love it, what a shame i can't drive.

    All the best with it and if anyone reading it is interested i'm sure it would be a brilliant activity to involve your child in!
  • By the way, is that the name of your business? It's fab!!!!
  • Of course we don't mind you advertising on here Kas, we all know you and how much hard work you have put into this.

    I really hope you get some feed back from here xx
  • Hi Kas,

    You are fine to advertise your business on here after all you are a regular and it's not dodgy!!

    I hope you are able to get some more business as a result, that would be great.

    Zoe xx
  • Go for it Kas!

    I hope that people read this and the word gets out! Word of mouth is one of the best ways of advertising, afterall!

    You deserve success after all the effort that you have put in!
  • Hi Kas
    Just an idea, but you might want to set up another email account just for this so that people can email you directly.
    Some people might be a bit shy and not want to post on here.
  • Hi Kas, you deserve to have a bit of free advertising on here.
    You're a regular on here and in the mag HeHeHe!

    Hope people read this and you get some bookings from it.
    If we lived closer I would definately come.

    Put some more details on, ie venue, times, age ranges and prices.and like Simone says a new email account would be good.
  • Kas, just wondered, do you do parties?
    It's probably not something you've thought about but the rhythm time music classes we go to do them and they're a fantastic way to entertain the children!
    If it's something you'd consider then i'd actually like a chat with you about it as i'm currently foolishly thinking of doing a joint party for Ethan and Amber in March!!!!
  • Tasha, that's a great idea!!! Little kids love parties where they do something different. The only thing is, once 1 kid has had a party they will all want one!! You could start a craze!!! We will never see Kas online again!!!
  • Hehe you may be right there! I paid £35 last year to have Rhythm time do Ethans party (i was 8 1/2 pregnant and needed an easy party)! Everybody loved it and yes she got at least 2 other bookings from it
    I'm thinking of having the party in the same hall as my dads on the comitte and gets 1 free hire a year which he gives to me . I want to make it slightly different from lasy year and i think a drama party would be fab. Gosh poor Kas i'm making plans and she's not even here to say, 'no way'!!! hehe
  • Hi i think that a good idea,riley loved creche and they did similar things but your a mum and i think that counts.
    Good luck and hope all goes well.Think im well out the way down here.hehe!

  • I am sure Kas won't mind us organising her life for her Tasha!!! Infact, we could go on the payroll as social secretaries!!!!
  • HI ladies, im so relieved to see your posts. Thanks everyone.

    Well, we have an email account already which is

    [email protected]

    please, any newbies in our area reading this, feel free to contact me and ill give all the details you need.

    Tasha, funny you should say that, i got a phone call from a childminder the night the piece went in the paper. She meets up with 7 other childminers and their children on a monday and would like me to come and do a session for them, which i was of course thrilled about, we just have to arrange a time.

    of course i dont mind you organising things, any ideas greatfully recieved!!

    Thanks again
    kas xx
  • Kas - did you manage to put your details up on net mums - that site I think gets quite a few hits?x
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