present ideas please

we dont tend to buy valentines gifts, we just spend the evening together, and buy some really nice ingredients to make a nice meal with.


  • i know how you feel Boo. Have you got a card factory near you?? they tend to have a couple of nice token type presents in there when it comes to special days, and at a really good price too.
  • What about a mug or something with a special pic of the kids on it? Or next do a desk calendar the size of a cd case that you put your own pics on. I have one of bronwyn!
  • Silly but fun for the men,i have ann summers partys when i can and got adi some ''grow your own boobs'' and chocolate nipples,Silly i no but fun,he liked them anyway.

    Therse also a mini catolouge i got called ''HIM'' that might help
  • So I'm not the only person obsessed with ann summers!!
  • Noooo! they have a sale on and i went bargin hunting,my friend/neighbour is having a party in 2weeks looking forward to that as i like the games.
  • February is awkward for us, Charl's bithday is on the 13th then mine a week later. I always prefered to do things for my birthday so we just do cards. If you don't want to spend much places like Tesco and Woolies to name a couple tend to do novelty boxer shorts and socks! A bit boring maybe but doesn't break the bank.
  • We do the same as kas. No pressies jusy a nice homecooked meal and a bottle of wine.
    We do cards though, and this will be the first year that I will be buying a husband card. woohoo!!!!!
  • Ahh Lucy thats exciting!!!!

    We do the same and just have a film and a takeaway, its our wedding anniversary just 2 weeks later so we celebrate then. We have never had a successful wedding anniversary they have all been a disaster so i'm trying to make nice plans for this year!!!!
  • Hope this one goes well then Tasha.
  • Yeah, me too.
  • Valentines Day always leaves me feeling rather nervous. My first with hubby, our first together as a couple at all, hubby said that he didn't believe in it and that I was not to waste money on a gift. It was not long after the wedding and as he worked with some big retailers who push Valentine's Day for profit, I took him at his word. The big day arrived and I had bought nothing, though I think I sneaked in a card. Hubby, however, presented me with a gorgeous gift bag containing two divine sets of Calvin Klein lingerie. I was mortified that I had nothing to give him. He had been kidding and had expected me to realise, but he was not all that diappointed, at least he knew that I respected his opinion!
  • We never do anything on Valentines days either - usually I get a card and flowers and buy Sam a card and something dodgy! lol

    Nothing romantic i'm afraid
  • I will be lucky to get a velentines card this year! I'm not sure that they are readily available in the Arabian Gulf!!!!I will be spitting feathers though, if I don't some flowers!!!!! If he can order a laptop online he can manage flowers! Actually, he could get a card from!! So he has no excuses what so ever!
    I have already informed him that he will be home for my first Mothers Day!!!!
  • I bet I won't get a card either Caroline! Kev will miss mothers day aswell and probably my birthday in April!

    I have a card to send him for valentines, need to send tomorrow or he won't get it in time! Not sure what present to send though?

  • I can't send anything! The post takes ages to get to the ship as they are never in a port lin enough!!
    I am going to have a professional portrait of bronwyn and i done and he will get a copy of that for Valentines day!
  • Hi tasha how many years is it for you this year.

    Me and adi is 6yrs in Aug.We try and go out on valentines as he say's any excuse for a night out,his mum has the kids for us if she can so we can go out for a few hr's,it is nice then as it makes up for no choccies/flowers.ANd usually the forgotten card.

    Hi Caroline,the portrait sound like a lovely idea.
  • It's our 5th wedding anniversary this year but we'll have been together 11 yrs in may!
    Our 1st wedding anniversary was the worst of the lot as 2 days earlier we found out our unborn baby had died but i had to carry it for another 10days. They have definatly improved since that one, our 2nd anniversary was 2 days before i had Ethan but they still have never been a success heres hoping for lucky number 5!!!
  • Good luck with this one hun.Sorry to hear about your 1st.

    Adi always books the time of work but every year except last he had to work so we never spent the time together.We had a lovely week last year an hoping a good one this year.
  • My kids at school usually mae me a valenties card so that don't feel too left out!! How cute is that??
  • caroline, love the idea of a portrait!

    Shame you can't send hubs anything. It usually takes around 3-4 wks to get to kev. Hope it gets it on time?

    lol. xx
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