FAO Boo.

Hi Boo,

Not done one for a bit so thought I would start with you.

I hope you are all ok and that Jer is ok. Are things looking positive yet with his dad? Keeping fingers crossed he'll be ok.

Hope you can enjoy your weekend.

Zoe xx


  • Oh Boo i'm sorry to hear that he's not well, it's awful how the hospitals have to give lesser care nowadays. I hope he's much better soon.
    How are the children? Hope you have a good weekend xx
  • Oh sorry you had a bad night, we did too if that helps?!
    Ethans actually stopped having naps so much since starting playgroup! He's been this afternoon and is so tired he's horrible! Ambers having a nap but is stirring so my peace will probably be over soon! What do you have planned for the weekend? Our is jam packed especially on sunday when we have 2 parties to attend! oh and i'm face painiting at one of them so it won't be relaxing!!!
  • Hugs

    hope thngs are ok

  • Hope he get's better soon.
    Me to had a bad night with chan and teething,hope you get a better one tonight.
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