Just wondered.......

On your travels have any of you come across an In the Night Garden birthday cake?

It's Charlotte's birthday in just over two weeks and she would love one. My skills aren't good enough to decorate one of my own in that way so thought a shop would be an option if they do one.

If anyone has seen one could you let me know.

Thank you. xx


  • I have'nt sorry. But what a lovely idea.
    I know you are great at baking so how about downloading the pics from cbeebies website and copying them onto coloured fondent icing.
    Tasha would probably be able to advise you on what materials to use (judgeing by her lovely sugar craft flowers).
    I'm sure you can do it.
  • I have tried yahooing it and asked jeeves but nothing.
    Why not do the face of her favourite Character?.or a haahoo?
    You could do upsy daisy's face with icing for her hair.Or igglepiggle's oooh the choices are endless.
    You've certainly given me the bug to try it. But by May they may have bought one out. After all they do fifi and bob.
  • It sounds like you might be having a go!!

    When you put it like that, it may not be as hard as i thought. I may have a practice run first though to see what it looks like, afterall she likes Fifi too but that would be second best.

    I'll let you know what I do.
  • Tescos do one!!!!
    Just been shopping so had a quick look and they have a lovely one with iggle piggle and upsy daisy on i think it's £8.99. xxxxx
  • Oohh just found these on Ebay!! Not sure if it's what you're lokking for but i thought they were fab!
    Scroll down and look at the edible rice paper toppers too!

    Also, Em, i know you want a lazy town cake and i thought this might be good!!
  • WoW Tash! That is perfect and just what I wanted! Have e-mailed the seller to see if it is guaranteed to be here in time. Would be lovely to have a personalised cake! Promise to save some for Ethan as we will be having the cake on his birthday and not at the party! (Not because I'm mean, but because we are swimming and not having a tea afterwards!!)
  • P.S Just realised that my glitter word has gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What have I done wrong?!!
  • Thanks Tasha,

    My Tesco hadn't got it in, but if they do one I might be able to get one in, i'll look into that this week. It will be better than anything I can do!!

    P.S. Her room is finished and looks fab!! I'm so pleased. The curtains are in the wash as I type this so hopefully get them dry overnight and up tomorrow, just a lampshade to get now. I'll post some photo's soon so watch this space!!!
  • Tash, just realised that Williams ticker is showing the wrong age, he isn't 3 til a week on tuesday!! As you did it for me, I thought that you might be able to sort it!

    Sorry everyone, as you can tell, Tasha is a lot more computer literate than me!!
  • I think it's just the way they are Em, if you look on ambers tcker, she is only 10 months and 1 week but the marker is already on the 11th month!
  • Hi Zoe,
    have you tried printing a picture of ITNG out and bringing it to a shop taht does the photo cakes?? We did that for Niamhs cake as she loved pocoyo, and had never seen a pocoyo cake. It turned out amazingly and she loved it.

    hope this helps
    kas xx
  • Have just had an e-mail back from that e-bay cake company - I am really impressed, quick response and very helpful, am ordering today!

    Check out their fairy cake toppers too, am ordering those as it is a swimming party and won't have anywhere to do a cake, these are going to be ideal to hand out as mini birthday cakes to everyone! only £1 for 12!

    Zoe, I definately reccommend them for the ITNG cake toppers, will let you know when it all arrives!

  • The cake Topper arrived!!!
    I ordered it on Monday afternoon and it arrived on Wednesday!! William was so excited! I am really impressed although I won't actually know what it looks like til I put it on the cake, (which my friend is making!) Will take a photo of William and his sportacus cake and put it on here!

    Not so sure about the fairy toppers, I ordered 3 different designs and thought from reading the description, that they would have Will's name on, but they dont. Never mind, he loves them and that's the main thing!
  • Our tescos has them so tesco do do them
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