What a week!

What a week, and all done without the support of everyone on the forum!

I managed to sprain my ankle on Friday going to pick Bon up from nursery. I ended up on the ground but thankfully my arms and not my bump took my weight. It is still swollen and after lots of walking the past few days it is more sore than it has been. But it is on the mend but all my shoes that are not completely flat are now consigned to the wardrobe until I give birth.

Bon is doing very well at his new nursery. For those not aware, we had all sorts of problems with a previous establishment but now he is at a brilliant one where he is well cared for and thriving. He started off doing just an hour a day, but he is now staying until 2pm seven days after starting and he brings home pictures and other bits including a gorgeous (hey, I'm biased!) model of a dinosaur made from a cardboard box and egg boxes. I am so pleased and I do feel that I have started my maternity leave.

Pregnancy is going OK, but I had a scare on Wednesday. I had a routine appointment with my midwife and I updated her on the things that were not put in my notes last time round at the hospital and a combination of symptoms suggested obstetric cloastasis and I was sent to the hospital for monitoring and bloods. I was there several hours, with an irrate and hungry little boy, and had to go back for the results of the bloods yesterday, again with irrate small child. I got the all clear but they sent off another urine sample to the lab just in case. At least I know that I am in tip top condition, liver is utterly undamaged after my student years, and baby is doing everything she is supposed to do.

I am now 34 weeks and into uncharted territory. I am a first timer from here on. I've been asking the kind of questions everyone expects me to know, like when DOES my milk come in? When do I go to the hospital? What do I pack? I am ready, I think, and terrified of going too far from home just in case.

Anyway, sorry for the essay, but I needed to get it off my chest after missing the forums for nearly a week. So good to speak to you all again. N. xx


  • Hi Nicolette,

    I'm so glad Bon is happy at his new nursery, it makes all the difference when they are happy.

    I'm sorry you have been through it just lately and not been able to come on here. Talk about everything happening at once. I hope you are ok now.

    All I can say to you is try and relax and enjoy the next few weeks as once the little one is here you won't have a minute. If there are any unanswered questions just let us know and we will answer them for you.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Hi Nicolette!!

    Wow, what a week you've had!!!! It sounds like PP collpased at the wrong time for you!! I hope you are OK now! I managed to fall when I was pregnant and avoided my bump but pulled practically every other muscle in my body in the process.

    Its good to hear that Bon is enjoying his new nursery! Are you taking advantage of your Bon free time and relaxing with your feet up??

    I can't really help with the milk question as mine had to be dragged out of me kicking and screaming!!! Make sure you pack a cardigan, we didn't and the midwife was really funny with us! It would have mattered if we'd packed it as it wouldn't have fitted anyway!!!!

    Chat soon.
  • Don't buy disposable pants!!! They are really pants!!!
    Next time I would buy cheap ones from asda or ethan austin and then bin them once you've finished with them.

    I think you've covered it boo!!! I took some luxury toiletries for shower time too!!! Blisssss!!!
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