Watch out Kas and Tasha

And Gillan too!!!

My hotel is booked, I am heading your way!!!

There is no escape now!!!!

ha ha ha!!


  • Oh were abouts are you going Caroline and are you going to meet Tasha and Kas!
  • fab, see you then!! i really hope we can organise something!!
  • I dropping Gareth off at Gatwick on the saturday and am at a christening in bedford on the sunday so I am hoping to see them that weekend if possible!
  • oh i'm mega jealous - everyones nearly met each other!!!

    One day One day x
  • Don't worry Sarah, I'm no way near anyone either. My only chance of meeting someone is Caroline as we visit her neck of the woods a few times each year. That's why i'm looking forward to the baby show to meet everyone, hopefully you'll be able to attend that too.
  • Hi Zoe! Tasha comes to stay with me from time to time and have told her when she next does, a visit to Derby wouldn't be a problem!! It's only an hour away from me! Tasha mentioned that she was sad that you couldn't make it to the meet up last week!

    Where in Derby do you live? I stayed at Risley Hall 2 weeks ago, is that anywhere close by?
  • Hi Em, it's not too far away, about 20 mins or so by car. You are very lucky to have stayed there!! I live in a place called Mickleover, there is a big hotel close by, if you have heard of it. Tasha and I have discussed when the little ones are at school meeting at Birmingham station and going shopping, but it would be lovely to meet sooner. Just to give you an idea, the nec is about a 40 min drive for us.
  • I have a shop which is just 10 mins from the NEC!!
    I have told Tash that I would be happy to bring her over, but I will warn you that when I first joined PP, Tash warned me not to pinch her friends!!!! So, you'll have to convince Tash that the quickest way you two can meet up is through me seeing as I am the only one with a car!!

    I treated my Mum to a spa stay ay Risley as her xmas present, it was very nice, but not perfect! We had a few probs, but I was impressed with how quickly they were sorted out, and especially when we were sent a large box of thorntons choccies as apology!!

    I am taking Tash for a day spa somewhere in april for our birthday! Have you heard of Hoarcross Hall, I think she would love it?!!

  • Oh yes I have heard of Hoarcross. She will be very impressed with that. Not been lucky enough to go myself but know lots who have, and not heard a bad word about it.

    Have you been in the win section on here? There is currently a competition to win a stay there!!
  • YEP!! Both me and Tash have entered!! I have been to Hoarcross twice now - HEAVEN ON EARTH!!I have stayed the night both times and would like to treat Tasha to a nights stay, but at the moment she can't commit to that while Amber is up and down. Never mind, it will be an excuse to go again next year!
  • Hi Zoe,

    I may be attending the baby show depending on where i'm at - would like to be pregnant so that I dont feel like a fraud. Sam has said I can go so thats not too bad - we shall see x
  • You should go Sarah,
    It's a fab show for TTC! Lots of tips, potions etc! Just be careful, there are more newborn babies in one room than you could believe, so be prepared to get even broodier!!
    Anyway, there's still time - you never know!!

  • yeah the last couple of days - everywhere i've been have been new babies!! I think even Sam is getting broody lol
  • Caroline, that's fantastic!! I thought you were'nt going to be able to meet up with us in the end as it's too far out of the way! Are we going to sort something out??!!!

    Zoe, when i said perhaps meet up when Ambers a little older i was thinking more late summer THIS year!! I just thought by then Ethan will be a bit safer walking with me and i can just bring a stroller for Amber! We'll have a chat and see what we can arrange?? xxxx
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