back from the dead lol. here's a story for you....

went on my 1st school trip and boy did i learn about school groud groups.

i've never met women like these in my life! expect a few on here lol

1st thing i noticed there was the know it all mothers standing in one corner reading and quoting the lastest net searchs on mmr jabs and cc.

in the 2nd corner, there was the up there own ass's more than there kids mothers, these lot. omg! well one of them come over, she asked where i lived, i said just down the road she said "oh there, there like rented flats arn't they" (as she looked down her nose at me so i said "yeh thats why i live in a house that i'm buying"...

so then the up there own ass group move closer to the numpty group (they had can's on larger for there drink's on the school trip!) and they start to say "oh little johnny's been acepted in to another model agencys" and things along the lines of "mary read a whole book to me" etc and etc. you know brag about made up stuff.

so off we set to the farm. of course the know it all's felt they need to tell me all about pregnancy, but none of them knew about the one thing i asked them about "what about being pregnant and me touching lambs" thankfull my other friends told me the crack with that one.

so were at the farm, the teachers taking pics and there shoving there kids in front of the camera. saying we live next door to the farm charlie was more intressted in jumping in a muddy puddle and getting me wet (got lush pic) we wer at the other side away from the pregnant sheep just in case and the teacher came over to take a photo of charlie..... well i've never seen anything like it in my life, he was jumping she went to take a pic and 5 kids come dashing over like flys round poo with there mothers pushing them in to frame, one mother literly chucked her kid in the puddle! poor charlie got pushed out but he wasn't bothered.

then on the way back to the class they all compared notes on how good there children were and how great they look in the photos and the numpty mums just drank there larger. the know it all's by this time had debated the saftey of the mud lol

i really really never knew shcool trips were like that. there was one mum who's little girl started the same time as charlie that talked to me and i talked to her. she's not even from the area, she said half of them live over 30 mins away but they wanted this school as it was ment to be the best in gateshead. half of them lied and said there kids were christened to get them in the school! i know it's a cathloic school but they still take if your not christen as the lass i was talking to hadn't had her little girl christen. fancy fibbing about your faith.


  • Hi Kristy. It sounds like a nightmare! I really can't be bothered with the competition with parents, I stay out of it if I can. I talk to the parents who live in my street that I know and leave it at that.

    My local school is also a highly rated one and I'm sure that there is a good dose of lying going on for some of the kids. My local newsagent's daughter goes there but they don't live anywhere near the catchment area, just own a shop in it.
  • Hi,
    That did make me laugh Kristy as I am a teacher. I work in a secondoary school with a reputation for being one of the worst in the area if not the country!!!! What a loads of bollocks!! I was cornered in the local shop by one of the local "know it all mothers" who informed me that the local school was full of thugs, the teachers were ex army and security guards and the kids jumped from desk to desk swearing and beating eachother up!!!!! Yup, that just about sums up my lessons NOT!!!!!! What an ignorant cow! I informed her that I worked there, got out my diary to arrange for her to come and watch on of my lessons. She left very red faced and in a hurry......strange that!!!!
  • Ummm Maaa!

    Caroline you actually swor!
    But i agree,the school riley goes to has a good rep to and most of the mums are big blaggers,i only know a few as they are friends and say hi to others if rilry is talking to their kid but thats about it.

  • Is bollocks swearing??? I often say that to my pupils if I am trying to make a point!!!!! They soon get the message!!!!
  • My kids go to a good, church school and there are a lot of mums that are pushy, their kids are the best (at everything) and look down their noses. I used to try and be like them to fit in, but it wasn't me, my kids aren't perfect, sometimes i swear, argue with my husband and cannot pretend to be Mrs Bucket (Bouquet), i decided after about a year just to be myself, take me or leave me.
    Just be you and the genuinely nice mums will seek you out stay away from the others! Welcome to the world of playground politics!
  • I agree pauline!!

    I had real trouble joining in the playground 'chit chat' when soph 1st started at the school nursery - I was noticebly the youngest Mum there, even though I was 26(!) and many just ignored me! Funny how its the ones you would never expect that actually become your friends isn't it?

    Me and 3 other Mums now call ourselves 'the click!!' as we've really got close and must seem slightly intimidating to some as we use our precious 10mins in the playground to catch up on days of gossip!! They have become among my closest friends and together we have a great 'pick-up' network for each others kids!

  • I found it the same at antenatal classes too, first time round. I was nrly 22 when pg with my daughter and no one really wanted to talk to me (could have been my B.O though I suppose)! The other mums were all late 20's. I guess if I am successful at ttc I will be an older mum this time round (31).I shall just rock and mutter to myself, or maybe not, lol.
  • Well caroline i suppose its better to be to the point than flap about with words.hehe!
  • I tend not to beat around the bush!! As most of you know, I am pretty straight to the point!!! But not to the point of offending people, i just know how to get my point across!!!!

    As the HV has found out recently!!!
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