An afternoon of 30 excited kids!!

Today is William's swimming party!! It feels strange as it's 5 days since his birthday, but it's nice as has made the celebrations last and the presents have been spread out!!

Tasha is due here any minute, with a very excited Ethan, which means that we have 2 monster toddlers about to wreak havok in the leisure centre!!

What have I done?!!



  • well keep your cameras ready twin sisters and update us with a load of photos!.

    I've always been invited to my friends kids birthday parties beofre, but now since Seif was born I see them from a completely different perspective. Wish I could have been there.

    Are you identical twins?

  • I'm sure you'll all have lots and lots of fun!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!
  • Have fun and will catch up late on how it went.
  • Hope the party went well Emma.

    Tasha - bet Ethan will sleep well tonight
  • hope the party went well. bet William loved having his birthday spread out. I assume there were 30 very tired children, so bet the parents were very happy!! lol

    kas xx
  • The party was a huge success! I hired the whole pool and there was about 40 of us including the adults. It was fantastic as it was less busy than when we usually go, we took inflatables for all the kids and it all went so nicely!

    Ethan was amazing as he has never swam just with arm bands before but he seemed to copy all the other children and was soon swimming off on his own!
    Will post photos of the boys soon!

    William is wide awake and hyper with the excitement of lots of new toys and I am completely exhausted!!

    Samiha, Yes Natasha and I are identical twins!

    P.S - I'll leave Tasha to tell you about my bikini disaster - I'm sure she will!
  • Really glad the party went well emma, im not surprised you are axhausted, it must have been hard work, but lots of fun!

    What happened with the bikini!!
  • Come on Tasha, spill the beans....we are all waiting!!!
  • Well actually caroline, I hear that you are in MSN contact with Gillan - you could ask him, I'm sure that he will delight in telling you all!!

  • Oh would that be the fact that your bikini was completly see through and you spent most of the party facing the spectators gallery, including Gillan?!!!!!!
  • Don't know what you mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHH!!!!!

    It was a £50 Ted Baker Bikini for goodness sake!! Surely it should be thicker fabric for that kind of money?!

    Everybody, please note that Gillan didn't point out this 'problem' to me til right at the end - can't think why?!
  • Oh know Emma how embarrassing!

    I bet Gillan loved it though!
  • oh how funny Emma!!! That would be just the thing to happen to me!
    Im glad the party went well though! X
  • OOoooopppppppsssss!!

    Sorry Emma but that has made me laugh!

    You'll be better off with a Tesco special!!
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