RIley's Photos

Hope this works.
SOrry about the size,i cant shrink them.hehe!


  • Hiya Emma, Great piccies!! I take it they were taken at the Zoo on friday? I 've just posted you elsewhere asking if you had a good time? Looks like you did!!! hope you're well Tahsa x x x
  • They are fab, he looks like he had a good time.
  • Thanks girls.

    Now i have this there will be no stopping me with pici's.hehe!
  • Looks like you had a fab time Emma! Riley is a real sweetie!
    Great view of the goats bum!!!! ha ha
  • Riley is so cute, love the pic of him on the sea lion. They are great pictures and it certainly looks like he enjoyed himself.
  • He's simply adorable!

    I can't wait for Seif to be his age so I can take him to the zoo as well.

  • Love the pictures, he looks like he had loads of fun!
  • ahhh, they are great photos Emma, looks like Riley had a great time. Which Zoo was it?

    he looks sucha sweet little boy
    kas xx
  • Riley is very cute, lovely photos.
  • OMG How cute is Riley!!! hes going to be a heartbreaker!!!

    Looks like he really enjoyed himself x
  • What a cutie!! I wanted to grow my boys hair, but it just goes all frizzy!
  • We went to colchester zoo,15min bus ride from town and its good as adi's mum got me a gold card for xmas so i dont pay to get in and the bus only cost 2.80.

    Riley used to have realy long hair,i'll try and find a pic,it was megga curly at the bottom and dead straight at the top.When i cut it i kept the tail in a hairband and glued the end so it stayed together and it has,it has even stayed in one big curly twist.
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