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My partner's family live up north (Morecambe) when we next go we are planning to stop near Drayton Park overnight, as they are opening a Thomas Land there next month. My son will be beside himself with excitement. But I just wondered if anyone had been to Drayton Park and what it is like as a Theme park as this will be a major detour for us enroute just wondered if it is worth it??


  • Do you mean Drayton MANOR Park?
    If so, it's very near me and we have been several times, it's one of the smaller theme Parks in the UK, but has some of the major rides, a small zoo and good ride selection for youngsters. Had no idea about the thomas land - ooooh hope it is the one near us!!!

  • Hi Nicola,

    We are also planning a trip at some point to Drayton Manor Park as it's not that far away from us and Jack was a huge Thomas fan, not so much now but he still loves trains so I think it's worth a trip.

    I've not been for a number of years, about 15!! So not the best person to answer your question, however, if your boys are Thomas fans i am sure the de tour will be worth it.

    Zoe xx
  • I would think so. My husband said its kinda near Birmingham which we go past to get up to Lancashire. I find out about it on the www.thomasandfriends.com site.
  • It is the one, we had read in a newspaper Thomas land was coming to the midlands.
  • yes my 8yr old will still love it!! I think he's enjoying re-living his toddler years bless him
  • Ohhh Emma think we'll have to take the boys there on my next visit to you!!
  • Thomas is coming to York Railway Museum too!!!!!!

    Not sure I can use Bronwyn as an excus to visit!!!!!!
  • yes you can!! I take it thats the steam train? We have those near us. We are taking Tate on Saturday. They have a special trip on Daisy, he's mad on Daisy at the mo!!
  • oh wow, ive heard of Drayton Manor Park but never been, is it good for toddlers?
  • Tasha - When are you coming to stay? We must go as soon as we can!! It's only 10 mins away from the Atherstone shop!!

  • Nicola - only just noticed that your from Tonbridge - thats not too far from me

    my friend raves on about Drayton Manor but i've never been
  • Hi Nicola,

    Is it the Watercress Line that it near you?

    We took me son who is now 6, a couple of times and he had a great time!
  • Hi Sarah, Where abouts in Kent are you then??
  • Oooh not sure about the watercress line? We live right near the Spa Valley in Tunbridge Wells but thats only a small one. Theres another one at Tenterden and one at Dymchurch (by the seaside)
  • Hi. The Tenterden one is a full size steam railway isn't it? I know the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch is a narrow gauge and if the weather is rotten you get dumped for hours next to a nuclear power station... I only know of Drayton Manor from an episode of Barnaby Bear, the one on CBeebies, he goes there and has fun! He also visited the Blaunau (spelling, Welshdragon??!!) Ffestiniog railway in Snowdonia, another option for the railway enthusiast if you happen to be in that area of the country.
  • u like your trains then too. yes you are right about Tenterden and RHD. We are off to Tenterden on Saturday. Tate loves the Thomas Tank Engine days he thinks they are the real trains!!
  • We holiday in Wales so regularly go on the Ffestiniog and Taly-y-lyn lines! They are so lovely and relaxing in the middle of the mountains!
  • I wouldn't say I was massively into trains, the views from them yes, but both my parents are engineers of various types and they are both fascinated by mechanics of any kind and for my mum especially that includes steam trains. She built one with her dad as a child, not full size of course! So as a child I went on several and got dragged round the York museum when I just wanted to wander the ancient streets, the shops and meander through the Jorvic Viking Centre, far more my thing. Bon likes anything and I intend to take him on one or other of the steam lines when he is old enough to sit still and not try and hurl himself our of the window.
  • I am sure he will love it. How old is he?? Get him into Thomas the Tank Engine and you will never look back. Tate is asking at the moment to go to Sodor!
  • Hi Nicola - I'm in Orpington - nr Bromley.

    Now I think about it though - i'm near Tunbridge not Tonbridge lol
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