Pictures of Jessica

Have not posted pictures of Jessica for a while, so here she is!


  • Simone she is adorable, you must be very proud of her. I love her big blue eyes.

  • Thanks, i am very proud of her! She has Daddy's eyes.
  • Wow Simone, You have a gorgeous daughter there! You could swim in her eyes, they are beautiful!!

    I want her hat!!! I can't find Bronwyn a winter hat anywhere!!!
  • Thanks Caroline.
    I got the hat and gloves from BHS fot £2.50
  • what a beautiful little girl! stunning blue eyes! What a cutie. its lovely to see everyones pics. When i've got time later I might actually work out how to get mine on!!
  • Wow,how cute is she,now she's gonna be a little heart breaker when she gets older.
  • Oh! She's absolutely gorgeous!
    Fab piccies!

  • WOW Simone, Jessica has beautiful blue eyes!! What a gorgous girl!!! x
  • aaah, she really is a beauty Simone,i love the one of her in her hat.

    i think its time we all put some new pics on to see how much our little ones have changed.
    ill try and do some later.
    take care
    kas xx
  • She's so adorable, and that pink pacifier matches her outfit.

    Can't wait for my boy to be a year old.

  • Lovely photo's Simone. She is such a pretty little girl. Thanks for sharing them with us.
  • Lovely pictures Simone and she's even more gorgeous in real life! Such a smiler!! Hope you're both well x x x
  • Gorgeous pictures Simone, she's such a cutie!!!

    Is it too soon to marry her off, would she be interested in a slightly younger man??!!
  • Thanks girls

    Dawn shall we set a date for 20yrs time!lol
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