I've finally managed it.

Here are recent pics of Hollie. She was eating my socks....clean though, and a picture of her playing twister down my parents house yesterday.
There's also a pic of her sitting up, and a picture of the both of us after our shower.






  • Sorry they are so big, i have no idea how to decrease their size.
  • Great pictures, really nice to see you both. Hollie is so cute.

    If you want to change the size next time, in photo bucket click on edit above the picture and then the resize and change it to web size.
  • She looks v.cute,like simone said,nice to see you both,well half of you.
  • she's so cute! luka's got that little v-tech caterpiller!
  • I love the pictures - especially of the both of you - I love 'cuddly' pictures like that!!

  • Awwww shes is gorgous!!!

    There lovely pics x
  • aaawww, what a sweetie, shes very photgenic. she looks like a very placid baby.
    kas xx
  • Love the photo's, She is so sweet. Is she a future twister champ??!! Hehehee.

    Zoe xx
  • Morning, they're lovely photos she's such a cutie!!
    I loe her whoozit toy we're big fans of that range too! x x x
  • Thanks she is normally quite a content baby as long as she has something to chew be it a muslin square or a toy.

    She loved rolling around on the mat, not sure about a future champion though she couldnt reach half the circles he he.

    Tasha she loves that whoozit toy, my parents bought for her for christmas and it goes everywhere with her.
  • We bought my nephew a giant whoozit for christmas he was 2 days old and it was bigger than him!!!! We have 2 whoozit toys as our local toy shop was closing down when ethan was born so i got them half price as they're usually quite expensive!!!

    Anyway, how are you both? x x x
  • I didnt know that they had a boig range, i might look for something else for her. She loves that toy and it is interesting for her with all the different textures and colours.

    We are both fine thanks, she is asleep now so i will wait til she wakes then take her out in the sunshine for a bit.
    How are you?
  • Here you go, try not to buy the lot!!!!


    We're enjoying the sunshine too and trying to make the most of it although been trying to sort out the house too! Amber seems to be doing really well at the moment on the pear so feeling quite postive!! she has it at breakfast,her only mealof the day and definately my favourite time of day!! We're popping out in a bit to ethans music class and may go to a cafe too, we need a treat!!!
  • Im glad amber is doing well on the pear at the moment. I hope you dont have anymore problems with her food. I'm looking forward to trying hollie on different puree's but also sad that she wont be exclusively breastfed.

    Enjoy your day in the sunshine. It is lovely here so im going to make some pasta to eat then take hollie out in her buggy.

    Thanks for that link i will have a look in a bit.

  • Gorgeous photos Karen, she really is a beautiful wee girl.
  • Thankyou Dawn.
  • oh tate had that whoozit, he loved it, so much so that he's hidden it somewhere so Luka can't have it!! I will check out that website Thanks
  • Tjhere's loads of whoozit toys on ebay the new ones are more expensive i think than the other link but there's some used but in excellant condition ones going really cheap!!
  • Thanks tasha. it is something i will look into. There were quite a few on that link that i liked and im sure she would love.
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